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Virtual CISSP Study Group Anyone?

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January 1, 2016

Hey guys, Hope everyone is well. I had an idea that will most likely fail (like most of my ideas) of starting a virtual CISSP study group using a VoIP application. Discord is my app of choice as it's free to host on and use, has a web client (along with clients for Windows/Mac) and would be perfect for something like this. I was thinking we could have a few channels set up so people could review problem areas with others, discuss topics in order to better understand them, or simply shoot the crap about technology, security, whatever. I posted this on and already have a few people interested, so I thought I'd post it here as well. Here's the link to my Discord server, appropriately named the Nerd Herd :D Feel free to connect and see if anyone is on. With people coming in from so many different time zones, this will be more of an experiment that anything else, but hey...why not? [Discord Server]( Interesting (and potentially helpful) idea. Are you seeing this being used as a somewhat structured group, as in: "Ok, this week we're all doing Domain 1"? Or are you seeing it more as a generic resource for folks to get together and try to discuss/help with whatever topics anyone is working on? I was thinking this could be a bit of both. We could have formal sessions some time during the week or we could just be a resource to jump on and discuss topics. Cybrary should really just set up a Discord server and let us play on would be a great idea :D In the meantime I felt like trying this. Thanks for the answers. I may have to see if I can find time to check this out. Yeah, no problem. This is very much a small time thing and will probably just be a few guys, but who might turn out to be popular? :) The Discord server is up, although techexams won't post anything with a link in it for me. Please feel free to join up! I was thinking we could using some of the online whiteboards if we need to draw something out, maybe utilize Discord's text chat if we need to spell something out that isn't verbally describable. If anyone has any ideas, please post them. I think we may be onto something cool here. I was thinking study groups at about 7 or 8pm PST would make them feasible for most people? Maybe even as early as 6:30. We could do a 1-2 hour session just covering domain topics and discussing them. I have the official CBK and the Sybex book, both the latest versions that I could reference. We could also watch Kelly's videos and discuss the concepts after/during each one as well. That might be doable. What is everyone else working with materials wise? I'll be on tomorrow at about 7PM Pacific Time. Maybe we can have a meet up at that time to discuss the study plan :) Not sure I'll be able to make it, but I'll see what I can do. To address your question about study materials, I plan to use the ISC(2) book, the Shon Harris book, the videos here, and material presented/handed out in a CISSP Exam Review Seminar my local ISSA chapter will be putting on.
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