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January 1, 2016

i want to share with you what i have gathered for this cool subject : 1) Do You Want To Be A Malware Analyst ! you should read this [Guide to Successful Malware Analyst ]( youtube channel full of reverse engineering courses and malware analysis videos : [RCE channel ]( Malware Analyst without malware to analyse ! get them from here : [Malware Farm]( learn from the best : [Training videos from]( @ahmedk Thanks for sharing. I will definitely hve a look ;) i just wanna to share one useful site for all [ check it now....]( great links thank you Thanks Darkcoder, I've beent checkin out the youtube channel its great! I haven't seen this one posted yet, the vids are good. []( great youtube channel. Thanks for sharing. this website is also have good videos on this topic TNX! gr8 material! thx for share. great . thnx for sharing Thanks for sharing! Check out the Malware Analyst's Cookbook and Remnux website. thanks for the share :) very Helpful Links Thanks for sharing. Kudos! Good free sandbox []([]( thnx check out []( Awesome links. I've started •Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software on [Open Security Training]( I'm on the Day 1 videos. It seems like its a really good training course. :) thnx for sharing I will def have to check these out. Nice content... Great resources. Thanks for sharing! Good resources. Thanks! thanks Thanks for sharing! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing Don't know what I'd do without [Cuckoo Sandbox!]( Still learning the ins and outs of Cuckoo, but so far, nothing but good experiences.. Setup is a pain, but try it out if you haven't already Great resources. :) Thanks. Check out the below link: Thanks! I will let this here: ---> In Spanish/English Does anyone have suggestion on creating a malware analysis lab on one PC? I have setup the REMnux on VM. I want to have lab also on actual PC. Thanks. Thanks for sharing! Wow, thanks :D Nice ? thanks Thanks! I have been caught in studying anti-reverse techniques, the following link explain some of them clearly:
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