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January 1, 2016

Hey guys, Regarding the course Intro to Malware Analysis n RE, I want to download the malware samples from to my Kali VM, but not sure if these is still "safe" or even in Kali there is some risk with all those samples. Does anyone knows? Regards! While you can download the malware samples from theZoo for study, you must keep in mind that these are all working samples which can easily infect your computer if they are mishandled. The site recommends that you copy the files to a virtual machine which is isolated from your computer and from the Internet. That way if your VM is accidentally infected, your main computer and your network will still be safe. If you are worried about your Kali VM make a clone/copy of the VM before you download that package. So if something does go wrong you can just import your copied/cloned Kali VM back up in minutes vs recreating the image. keep in mind that malwares could not traverse the isolation space between VMs and your actual system.Try to analyze and study the behavior of the malware using windows xp virtual machine and if still worried,use sandbox to run the samples. Thanks for sharing.
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