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There's Any Free Tutorials Availabale For Learning About SIEM Solutions ?

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January 1, 2016

There's any free tutorials availabale for learning about SIEM solutions ? Good question -- I've been gathering resources on all areas of IT security and that is the only area where I haven't been able to find anything substantial yet. SIEM solutions are very proprietary in nature and they want you to go through the entire sales pitch in order to get a demo of the product. It's a sell or die economy out there for SIEMS right now. I haven't found a good resource of reviews or information yet either. ? I've found a few good links so that you can at least known which SIEM vendors are the most popular so you can do research on the market leaders. The first link is the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management: The second link lets you compare vendors by emphasizing which specific items are most important to you. The two sites seem to mostly agree on the top three to five vendors, though the degree of separation between them and the competition is quite different. Gartner lists their top five all alone in the desired upper right quadrant, while tends to group them closer together. Gartner lists IBM Security as their top SIEM vendor, while at the other site LogRhythm came out on top of the comparison for most of the values I picked. Hey folks, You can subscribe to the SPLUNK administration course on Udemy. Hope that helps!!! anybody use alienvault siem solution? Is there any free tutorial course available for SIEM IBM Qradar (Mostly admin part) ? Hi Everyone, You can get basic training about IBM QRADAR SIEM at There were lot more training available.
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