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Taking Image Of Connected Mobile Device

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January 1, 2016

hi, I want to take an image of the mobile device connected with my laptop through USB cable. It a samsung smartphone device with a memory card. i want to make image of the phone beside memory card. I have checked into Access FTK imager, prodiscovery basic and OSForensics to make the image of the connected samsung smartphone buti couldnt get phone drive listed in any of these tools. I can take image of memory card by using cardreader but Is there any way i can take image of phone memory? thanks there are heaps of ways doing so. depending on your needs :) you could utilize adb backup, though some more convenient way is titanium backup. if you have your phone rooted, i guess you might have a custom rom installed and custom recovery. that case you could do a backup from within the recovery e.g. twrp or cwm recovery :) just boot into recovery, head to backup and let it do its thing... depending on your needs cause i have no clue what your desired image type is. hope kinda helped, cheers thanks for reply. i just want to take image of the phone so that i can do some deleted data recovery. phone is not rooted and might not be allowed to root. cheers. hey welcome, im happy if its been of some help. i guess the adb way might be your best bet then... just connect device to your pc, check: adb devices and do a: adb backup -all. this should clone your phone to the adb folder, giving a file named backup.ab or 2015\_01\_01.ab or anything like that. im not sure actually about the output cause i never had to use the backup function, but im sure it works like that. ensure to have usb-debugging enabled in the developer settings of your phone or it won't work. to restore just do an: adb restore backupblurp.ab (whatever the output name has been) if you have no phone to restore to you can set up a AVD in SDK/Studio. i assume you want to recover the data using a phone and not your PC? btw, you should anyways have a recovery installed. just google on how to boot into it, can't say as its device dependent. but usually smth like holding "VolumeUP/Down"+"Power" or similar. if you have, it should be easy to do a backup there. not sure which filetype though. shouldn't matter i guess. if not, you can still flash one onto your device anyways or simply install it, depending on the damage. if your phones running you could install clockwork mod manager or smth like that to install the custom recovery from within android. but feel free to check its default recovery. i can't say about navigation, but should be easy. might be interested in this one aswell: [XDA Developers]( have to say its very beneficial to learn adb and sdk, cause if nothing works, this will work as long as you can power on your phone. and you can always work on a virtual device after cloning if another phone isn't handy... looking forward to hear news ^^ curiously follow your project. cheers thanks but, backup option didnt work for data recovery. and 'dd' command through adb need root. :( trying out magnet acquire but it is not getting the driver right, seems like root issues again. thanks again. dd command shouldn't be used by the adb rather than usual terminal. u boot into any linux and dd the mounted phone to anywhere. if its recognized, "disks" can be pretty helpful. anyways, adb can be utilized to make the backup. the command "adb backup all" does not need root. feel free to have a look over here at this more advanced guide. sorry if i was confusing. basically its sufficient if you do just "adb backup all" and "adb restore".... [xda phone backup no root]( totally get you want to backup before doing anything else, but mind you can always flash a recovery and root as you wish :) anyways, i use to go the adb way when i start things on a fresh phone. as its usually not rooted, i do mentioned "adb backup" as its the most convenient way doing so without root. not having tried any of these, but might be worth a look.... though i recommend learning adb ^^ [backup options no root/no adb]( sure we got this done ^^ speak soon, cheers
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