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Shodan Academic Upgrade

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January 1, 2016

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all something potentially helpful. (I try to be as resourceful as I can) So I learned that offers an academic upgrade to a full membership (from a free account). If you don't know what Shodan is, check this irongeek video out: All you have to do is email your user name to from an EDU or hackerspace email account. This is a fantastic thing that John Matherly (Owner of Shodan) does because he once worked in the academic field and knows that it is a slow moving process to get approved for funding, etc. Anyway, I took him up on the offer and he got back to me pretty quickly and upgraded my free account to a full membership account and gave me a copy of his book, The Complete Guide to Shodan. This is a very cool and powerful tool, but use it wisely, for it could be a quick trip to prison if you get caught accessing systems without permission. Good to know. Thanks for sharing. BTW, did he provide a copy of the book in e-format? :) @jules2013 He provided the book in E-pub, Mobi and PDF. ;) Interesting. THanks Yes most definitely, thank you.....I will look into getting this free upgrade..... Thanks You guys/gals are welcome! I will keep you all in the loop about all the fun things I discover as long as there is any interest in my posts. =) @rapture. Care to share? @jules2013 I would if I could, but I am sure it is DRM-ed. The good news is that the book can be had for as little as one dollar (US) here:
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