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Self Study CEH Certificaiton

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January 1, 2016

For the self study option of Certified Ethical Hacker exam, you must seek approval from EC councel with $100 fee. Their site says you must have 2 years experience in Information Security or an educational background. Unfortunately it doesn't go much into detail about the educational background? Does anyone have any ideas? I would like to take this exam as I'm well prepared but I don't want to pay the $100 unless I know I can be approved. I have an Associates degree in Network Administration that focused on Computer & Network Security. I also have numerous IT certifications. Will they accept IT security certifications such as Security+ and CCNA Security as a fulfillment requirement for education background? It will help to augment your background, but I'm sure they are looking for time spent in the field. I am in the same situation, and if anyone has better insight I too would like to hear. The fact the requirements state "OR" gives a good feeling that if you had strong certs (such as Security+) as well as a year or so in the field or an additional degree, that you'd get approved. Regardless, what would your plan be otherwise? I doubt you would put this on the back-burner for a year to get additional experience in the field just to apply for an exemption to take the exam. Put yourself on the line, and talk your history up as much as you can. If you're prepared for the exam and know your material it shouldn't matter how many days you've sat behind a desk. Best of luck. I would start by filling out this form. My post about the CEH exam via self study route might offer some more info: Thanks for the information guys! I've decided to go after CompTIA CASP cert because it's cheaper, and I don't need permission to take and it fulfills the same requirement needed for my position as CEH would have. I inquired about the self study course from EC-Council and my Bachelors in Computer Science doesn't count as education. They only count education provided by EC-Council. Meaning you used their iLearn option for any course provided by them. The CEH would be my first attempt at a EC-Council cert from so my only option was to purchase the iLearn option ($1800). The cost includes the voucher to take the exam plus labs/instructor led videos provided by them. No practice questions though, but Cybrary provides some good practice questions.
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