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Security+ Cert Before Network+

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January 1, 2016

How important is Networking for Security+? Would it be unwise to pursue Security+ certification before Network+? I'm currently pursuing my A+ certification (passed the 801, now studying for the 802). So I'm still in the beginning stages in this field. But I want to get Security+ certified (got a job prospect already that requires just that) before getting into Network. I just wanna know if it'll be a waste of time to even pursue if Networking is gonna play a major role... You can get Security+ before Network+, but honestly it's a bit pointless getting Network+ after Security+ since Security+ is a higher rated cert and will renew Network+ if you already have it. I suggest (as does CompTIA) doing Network+ after A+ and before Security+. Not only will you get another cert, but Network+ covers somewhere between a third to half of the Security+ topics, meaning you'll have less to study if you already know Network+ really well. Especially since you seem like you are just starting in IT (I'm basing this assumption off of your current earning of A+), I would follow CompTIA's recommended path. If you don't have the funds but feel like you could pass the Network+ exam with flying colors, then skip Network+ and go straight to Security and get your CCENT if you need a decent networking cert That's what I wanted to know, whether Network is covered much in Security. Half is quite a bit, wow. So even if I really hone in on some good Security study material, it wouldn't be enough to pass the exam? If so, that sucks but it does make sense. Thanks for your response. You could still hone in and study just the security material since the important parts of networking should all be covered again through your study materials, I just felt it was easier to study the security stuff with a good networking background. There's nothing to say you couldn't skip A+ and Network+ and only do Security+, it's just strongly suggested to follow that path. Something to give you some hope is that a few friends of mine say the CEH isn't that much more difficult than Security+. Maybe take a couple of free practice tests for both Security+ and Network+ and see where you come out. If you do great at security already, then skip networking. If you're doing better at networking but not great, start there and work your way up. Gotcha. Thank you :) Completely agree with @Celidon Security+ and Network+ were VERY similar(at least with the questions I got). In my opinion, network+ focus was on basic networking, and many many questions about ports/services. Security+ was focused on networks ports/services but the difference was that with network+ I had multiple choice for ports, with security+ I had quite a few fill-in-blank/matching for ports to services...some extra ports and services on Sec+ that weren't covered in Net+ So yeah, I would say at least half of sec+ was networking related...if not more than that I went with A+ (801/802) first - and then reviewed the Professor Messer videos and the ones here to make sure I understood background knowledge for Net+ - then immediately, launched into a 6 month study of Security+ (301) and depends on the type of position you seek...mine did not require Net+, but knowing it can be accomplished through video review to make sure you understand the concepts... IP, subnetting, etc...all come into play in Sec+ - so at least review the material.... I agree with @S3nt1n31 that the order isn't super important. The typical path is A, Net then Sec but that isn't set in stone. One thing to think about though is from an employers stand point they will have resume's in their queue that have the trifecta so if you're missing one you just cut off one of your legs. Another thing you'll want to keep in mind is that the curriculum for Net and Sec are very similar so if you do get Sec first, try to get Net near the same time. Thanks, folks, for your input. :) I would say Security+ > Network + > CEH or just jump Network + and get your CEH. thank you Having an understanding of networking is recommended for branching out into security. Having the Network+ cert would beneficial when moving into Sec+, CASP, CEH and beyond. You don't necessarily need Net+ though, but if you are wanting to get a good grasp of networking in general then it's a good plus to have. Network+ is pretty bare bones though, it goes over the basics such as general networking topologies, subnetting, TCP/IP, and IPv4/v6. If you want to focus in on a particular platform, such as CISCO's IOS, you would perhaps benefit more from taking certs like ICND1 (CCENT). I agree. Thank you :)
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