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Using Cybrary To Pass The Security+ Exam

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January 1, 2016

Hello everyone. Has anybody used these training videos for s+ and actually passed the exam? Good question, though we should bare in mind that these videos have only been available for a couple of months.. unless I'm mistaken. Well thats true. Has the syllabus changed yet? Cuz if so the training might be outdated. I think the material is the same, yet the objectives arrangement and section weight are different. I would suggest when you are studying just have a copy of the exam objectives with you. to ensure that you have a grasp of all the material. link is, just fill out some info and you will download the objective. Good luck! Im using this plus testout security+ I used these training videos and for the practice tests and passed this morning with an 841 If we are getting certified here, then the exam is necessary ? Yes this site is for training. It doesn't give you certification. I used this site along with some other sites (Professor Messor and CompTIA's CertMaster Program) and passed my Security+ exam on May 17th, 2015. Scored a 789 (750 is passing). I watched the videos and took practice exams until I felt comfortable with the topics. Once I started scoring 80-90% on my practice exams each time, I scheduled the test and passed my first time up. I realistically studied about 1-2 hours a day for a solid month (excluding weekends). Congratulations on your recent success Atma! :D Congratulations Atma! Thank you all for the warm words :) If you are looking for another source of material for study I found Darril Gibson's book CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead book perfect. I purchased the book and did a two day crash study(all the time I had before my scheduled test). Took the test and passed with an 830 the first attempt. I did take mine a few years ago just before it switched from a lifetime cert to a 3 year certificate though as well. New to this site but have found it extremely helpful. Just passed Sec + in March and used CertMaster (which did not help much) and Get Certified Get Ahead .....this book focused on the SYO-401 which is the latest. Hope this helps! I used the professor messer videos and a couple books from my library, scored an 822. Note taking really helps me remember the concepts. Professor Messer's videos are pretty good. I am using his videos to prep for Sec+ too. Hopefully will take at EOM. I was able to pass with 802. I mainly studied from Sybex textbook, McGraw Hill Practice Exams questions, and some of Pearson Cert Guide. Also viewed about half of the Professor Messer videos in the week before. I passed the Sec+ exam yesterday. I read the CompTIA all in one exam guide, also Darril Gibson's Get Ahead book plus his practice questions, watched a lot of Professor Messers videos and all of the Sec+ videos on here. I think it is definitely a good idea to use more than one resource. Anyone have good resources for practice tests? I like Atma's approach, watch the videos, read up on the course notes, take the practice tests until you feel comfortable and then schedule the exam... this is my plan I like Atma's approach, I think I'm going to do the same then will go for the exam, wish me luck. What is the best book to use to study for the exam? Hello everyone. Has anybody used these training videos for s+ and actually passed the exam? Hello everyone. Has anybody used these training videos for s+ and actually passed the exam? I think the official guide is the best supplement for any doubts you have and get that extra knowledge to pass the exam, i used thsi type of videos for cisco certs and scored 860 Not yet. Darril Gibson's [website]( has practice questions I found to be pretty helpful. congratulations to you all who have passed the SYO-401. I am busy going through the video the look very resourceful. Take my test next week, the only thing getting me is all the freaking abbreviations for stuff (ALE, SLE, ARO, MTTR, etc etc) and port numbers. That's what I'm concentrating on now. knowing and understanding the concept are very important. use all the updated sources you can find. professor messer videos, darril gibson book and app are also very useful. find the practice tests online and test your knowledge. i passed the security+ on April and also CCNA last year. to be honest, i had a little bit of hard time with security+ because some questions were tricky and require to have deep understand and i studied just for 4 months! take your time and take the security+ exam serious! pay attention to the concepts. Appreciate your sharing the details of your study program! I have been using Professor Messer as well. I also have a book and exam compass that I study from fro practice testing. I need to do more studying, but with finishing up and having been in my master's course, it is a little much. I am using the videos in conjunction with the Glen Clarke CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, they are meshing well. I know that for me it is good to study and then at a comfortable point to take the exam right away so that all that stays fresh in my head. I wouldn't want to wait over a month to take it, or even 2 weeks to be honest. It seems like a lot of people have been using Professor Messer, so at least there is one reputable and stable resource for everyone. The books are always hit or miss for some. I need to get back into the studying groove, but with my master's coming to an end in October I have been putting studying a little on hold. Video Course is good but not best. May be chance to pass Security+ Exam. If free assignment and multiple choice question test provided it would be better. I completed the study material, just as a refresh to my current skill set. Probably won't site for the exam but was interested in hearing what people thought was the more difficult parts of the exam? Any simulators or questions created to trick you? Thanks for all the info about passing the test and congrats to the people who have passed it.
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