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Screened Subnet Vs Triple-homed Firewall

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January 1, 2016

Hi all, I have recently been going over some practice tests and I came across these 2 terms used to describe 2 ways of providing secure services to unsecured parts of the network, but wherever I look, people seem to be using them interchangeably. To my mind they are defined by: Screened subnet = one firewall with 3 NICs configured very very securely.(-'ve = harder to configure, +'ve = less costly) Triple homed firewall = same system (DMZ, intranet & internet) seperated by 3 seperate firewalls, each managine data flow from the previous zone to its' zone.(-'ve more costly, +'ve more flexible.) Can anyone confirm with any certainty which is which? Hello, First of all, that is correct, the terms are used interchangeably. In this case the term Screened Subnet (Triple home firewall) is the one you discribed first: A screened subnet (also known as a 'triple-homed firewall') is a network architecture that uses a single firewall with three network interfaces... I think, sometimes the confusion is that in some sites when they talk about Screened Subnet are trying to imply that you have a DMZ configured. More info.. Hope that helps. Thanks for that ROC\_SEG, helpful info, just a bit annoying that the test includes these interchangeable terms to define setups very different in design.
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