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Recon-ng: Pwnedlist_api Not Found

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January 1, 2016

Hello I'm watching the Information Gathering videotutorials and I have a problem with recon-ng. When I run a module from pwnedlist, the program shows the following error message: "FrameworkException: API key 'pwnedlist\_api' not found. Add API keys with the 'keys add' command. I have found the next solution in the recon-ng wiki: "PwnedList API Key (pwnedlist\_api) - Contact PwnedList directly regarding API access." The word PwnedList redirects to but the link is broken. How can I solve this? Thanks It seems to me as if your program needs a specific API key to run, that being randomly generated by the 3rd party software you use. root@root#:~ recon-ng >key add It should be that easy. If you don't know your API key, I suggest contacting pwnedlist @
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