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January 1, 2016

I want to be a programmer but how ? Do you have an area you'd like to program in? Such as web app programming, software development, database? If you're unsure I'd recommend leaning a scripting language first such as Ruby, Perl, or my personal favorite Python (perhaps even batch or bash). Scripting languages don't require compilers (which you'll learn more about later) which makes them easier to learn, they still have the functional power to complete everything you'll want to know at your level, and they teach you logic flow which carries over to higher level languages such as C, and C++. Cybrary has some good Python resources for AFTER you learn the basics, but to learn the basics I found Codecademy (google it) to be very helpful as it provides a hands on web app to learn the basics. You can jump into higher level languages such as C or object oriented like C++, but honestly if you don't have a solid grasp on logical flow and the mechanics of programming then these can become very overwhelming very quickly. The good part about programming is once you learn logic flow (loops, function calls, conditional statements) and get a good understanding of them then to learn a new language just requires understanding syntax (syntax is the way the commands are formatted, is as whether or not you close a command line with a semicolon or not or the specific command to accomplish a task). It's best to just start learning, for example [here]( or [here]( Good luck! i just want to learn programming step by step!! because i really need it ! Do you know what you want to develop ? It will help us. If you want to make mobile or desktop apps, it's a bit different. If you want to make web sites, it's again different. But I think Python or C are good first programming languages in order to learn algorithmic. Thanks I would have to also say that Python is one to learn. It's good for more than just one area of IT and that is why I plan to learn it as well. I like the fact that it can be applied to many different job types.
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