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Program Language On Kali Linux

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January 1, 2016

what is the program language that i need to learn so as to be able to work on kali linux ? Ah well lets see... Bash command line - This is a must. Hard to point and clicky your way hacker leetness C - Most everything in the operating system is written in it lua - if you want to write/modify NSE scripts (nmap) or hack World of Warcraft addons ruby - If you want to write metasploit modules perl - if you are over 30. it used to be cool... I swear Java - if you like to pretend you are a programmer python - if you are lazy like me and just like to get sh\*t done assembly - if you like to pull your eyebrow hairs out one at a time php - if you like other people hacking your websites All joking aside, you do not really \_NEED\_ to learn a programming language to use Kali but all of the above mentioned languages have their place so it really depends on what you are wanting to do. IMHO, start by learning BASH command line and scripting. This will make learning other languages much easier. > perl – if you are over 30. it used to be cool… I swear Are you telling me perl isn't cool anymore? 1 line of perl challenges have always been the test of true hacker skills. Can you tell me the ethical hacking book i can buy & use as reference. I'm trying to learn kali linux & how it works which includes everything although i've learned many things like wireless hacking, bit of metasploit. Thank you Hi Hacker786, It's not clear to me exactly what you want and what you do know already, but two good books are: Also, there is a bunch of other books written in regards to Kali and its tools. all free enjoy :)
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