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January 1, 2016

Anybody take an exam with ProctorU before? I have my CEH exam on Friday and i'm just wondering about the procedure. I did my CEH through ProctorU. It's pretty straightforward; just make sure your camera works etc before hand. I didn't have access to a 360 degree cam so I just picked the laptop up and showed the proctor the room. I also sat with my back to the door so that nobody could sneak in etc. I used one sheet of paper as a scratch pad for working out hex to dec and showed that to the proctor at the end so they could see what I'd done. The CEH took me ~50 mins to do but I'd recommend taking a little longer ;) If you don't want to jump through some hoops to get your certificate afterwards that is! Hey thanks for responding. Why would I have to jump through some hoops? I already paid for the official course which is a requirement from them. What was the test like? Was it easy? Ive been studying since September last year. Ive gone through the EC Council course, a random text book (all in one series), Cybrary Ethical Hacking course and 2 different practice tests. I think I should be fine but I always get nervous lol. Hey, I hope your exam went well! I had to jump through some hoops to get my certificate as I as was a self study candidate and completed the exam in such a short time! I guess they thought I'd cheated. :)
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