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Prerequisite For Being An Ethical Hacker?

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January 1, 2016

Hello Everyone! I have just grew interest in cyber security, mainly in security offensive. I wanted to know that what is the prerequisites to be an ethical hacker? I already know C# and C++ programming languages, Do you understand how networks work? Ports, OSI model etc? Understanding networks is important for hacking. Cybrary do have a Network+ course which I do suggest learning if not already. networks and Using linux terminal will be effective. Well I agree with colleagues too. Networks, SO knowledge, and programming skills are the basics. I have little bit knowledge in Networking as of now. Though I had networking concepts. But I have almost forgotten them. And I do have programming skills. I need to get knowledge about Linux commands How do you train for pentesting? Becuase it is good to practice somehow and not in the way that you try to hack your pretty neighbour. Do you have any suggestions how to practice etical hacking? @mareknejedly I know places like Vulnhub have vulnerable VM's that you can test yourself on. Alternatively, host online labs that only cost about $7 an hour. Chemikal~ Well can you guys tell us the courses that will be helpful for ethical hacking? Course name in cybrary. Thank you in advance Hi Hello GIGABITE. Personally, I think you have everything you need here. I'll list the courses I'd suggest you to do in case you start from 0: \*\*BEGGINER\*\* CompTIA A+ CompTIA Linux+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ \*\*INTERMEDIATE\*\* Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Cisco CCNA \*\*ADVANCED/LEADERSHIP\*\* Advanced Penetration Testing Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) This way, you'll have strong bases on basic computing and networking + the specialization you're looking for on Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking. it depends always on the target; if you want to participate in bug bounties google has good payments google pays good money in login bugs there you have to know how is cloud working and you need a specific mindset
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