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Pka File

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January 1, 2016

Hi guys is it possible get the file of configuration scheme used it this videos? Hi @Spyx, I'd like to assist you with your question but I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. Can you be a little more specific please? Junaid use one topology in packet tracer.It is possible to download these topology? I'm not sure we have the configuration file on our systems or not. If we find them they'll be made available for download. thank you :) Where did we land on this topic? Is the pka file available with the lab purchase, or can it be acquired elsewhere? Unfortunately, we do not have access to the pka file that Junaid used in the videos. Sadly, Junaid passed away very suddenly last year before providing that file to us. Cordially, C That's really a great work by you guys.... Keep it up :) Hej, I've made the lab in packet tracer so I could work along with the course, topology is identical, with the difference that my hosts start with 0 (PC0 intead of PC1) and some ports are different. I've reached the NAT section so those of you who are starting from the beginning should reset the configuration of the routers, switches and pc-s. Where can upload the \*.pkt file? Hi @hellium would would you mind if you may email the pka file for the lab? Hi @Hellium could you please send me the pka file, would apprieciate it alot :) Best regards Harem
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