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Passed My CISSP Exam

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January 1, 2016

I have taken my CISSP exam yesterday and passed. My journey: Early on I bought Sybex books based on Amazon reviews. As I was doing more research on the exam I came across CYBRARY. I was little skeptical, however I signed up, on hindsight I did the right thing. My thanks to Kelly Handerhan and the CYBRARY team. Amazing instructors. To get an in-depth understanding on Networking topics I completed most of CYBRARY CompTIA training materials as well. What I have gathered from people who passed the exam, the test is based on concepts. What I wanted from CISSP preparation was to pass the exam and also gain more knowledge on topics I was not well versed with. MY preparation material: I have spent total of four months, more focused study in the last 30 days - CYBRARY CISSP training - CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide - Eleventh Hour CISSP: Study Guide - Mike Chapple's CISSP training videos on linkedin, one of the authors of the Sybex books - CCCure tests - CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests - Little bit of Skillset tests - Lot of extra learning on youtube on various topics like IPSec etc., this may not be a requirement but definitely was a confidence booster. Coming to the exam, I took 5 hours 50 minutes to complete. I used to consider myself a fast reader, however on the exam I slowed down considerably. I did not take any breaks. From this experience I agree with others that concepts is key to passing this exam. No doubt one of the toughest exams, I have ever taken in my 16 plus years of IT career. Good luck to everyone who is preparing. Regards, Geetha Congrats! Congratulations Geetha congratz ! Thank you Congrats! Well, now get your application in to be officially certified!! Did your find the CCCure tests worth the investment. I am almost doing the same study play you have, I have also added Sari Greene and David Miller videos in my training. I was either thinking CCCure or Boson test engine. Would you recommend CCCure? Hi, No matter what test engine you select, you will not see any of the questions on the exam. The good thing about CCCure questions is - You can select based on difficulty, do lot of filtering and track your progress - Most of questions are based on "CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide" and they point to the page number in the book, so you can refresh on topic, if you have not prepared well - When I signed for CCCure I did few questions and did not work on questions until I am confident I can score well. My reasoning was if I answer the questions and get them wrong early in my study; I cannot gauge my readiness as I have already seen the questions. The first round I was above 80% on CCCure. I have answered all the online questions from "CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide". This I was using early in my study as they are more direct questions on the topic. I have not tried Boston Test Engine, so cannot comment. All the Best. Regards, Geetha Congrats Geetha. I am planning to appear for the CISSP exam before this year. 1. I had attended cybrary training on CISSP from kelly. This was really informative. 2. Currently reading through the Shon Harris exam guide. In that chapter 2 "Information Security Governance and Risk Management" , Section "ISO/IEC 27000 Series" describes the ISMS standards. Is it expected to memorise the whole list of ISO/IEC standards and its descriptions (IS0/IEE 27000 to ISO/IEE 27037) ? I am not sure if there would be a question asking which standards is for what ? Thanks Congrats Geetha! I passed back in April and used the Sybex book and online questions mostly. Love Kelly's video. The test is a bear because of the length and depth. Great job on passing a tough exam! I found Cybrary is a great way to keep up on CPE's as well learn new materials. Great job! On your question on IS0/IEE 27000 to ISO/IEE 27037 topics, I have followed what was mentioned in the "CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide" and also have followed Kelly's tips on this topic. All the best Balaji. Congrats. You may check out my blog on CISSP and free pratice questions - [](
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