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January 1, 2016

Hi all, i am interested i want to join the study group Mal Mohammed Jamilu Hi Mal Mohammed Jamilu, Hello I am looking to join this group if possible. Currently beginning the labs. Hi kenark, You are most welcome. Looking forward. Vijay Hi Guys, I'm currently enrolled on the PWK Course I've only just started (about 3 weeks now). So far I'm working my way through the video's and would like to join your study group if that's ok. My email is Regards, JOE Started my OSCP a week ago. WOuld also live to join this group :) I would love to join this group as well. How are you study for the OSCP. Have you paid for access to the labs yet? do i pay to join group? i'm only aspirant oscp. it would be a pleasur if i join you it would be a pleasure if i join you @Vijayamurugan , just started PWk and like to join the study group Mind sharing a bit more about the study group? I planning to take up OSCP, but probably next year. Is this still open? For the members that took the training and sat for the cert, how did you do? I know people that have spent a lot of money on the official training that did not pass the labs. Thinking of starting this module, but not sure if it will cover enough. Holler if you need any hint/tips for the labs (non-spoilers of course) Hey I'm going for it in a few weeks, will be doing the fairly new to this life so I'm gonna need help....but what is life without a challenge!!! Hi, I am must happy to join Hello folks, i am a network security analyst and researcher.During the security audits that me and my colleagues do,there are circumstances during which we ask our clients to whitelist our ip address as it was being blocked by the firewall they been using.i just want to know that is their anyway to bypass the firwalls and scan the whole network?i did a lot of research but didnt find anything ,if anyone knows anything then please share your ideas, Thank you Ankur singh I would be happy to join the group as well i would like to join . i am about to book my oscp I would love to join the group also add me in OSCP study group. my mail id is Hi All, The Group is closed to comply with Offensive Security. Thanks & Regards Vijay I also interesting about penetration testing. And I would like to learn OSCP certification. hi i am interesting to join your group to upgrade my knowledge and skill in network pentesting. If this group still open then please join me too. I too want to expand my knowledge my id is :-> Thanks Hey guys, me too :-) private message me... i have emailed you :-) where is this being held? Hey!!! i'm very curios for OSCP .... please add me!! my email is: Hi all, i'd love to join the OSCP group, thanks Hi all ^^ ! I've just started my OSCP journey one week ago, and I'd love to join your group to share. Thanks i'm planning to start the labs soon, please add me. thx. Hi all, I want to join this OSCP study group. I want to get this certification, so I am preparing myself for it right now. Thank you. Ishan. Is this group still active -- ??? IS there anyone on here that finished the course that can aid others (like me) to complete some of these machines successfully without having to go down rabbit holes? So far, I have found the VIDEOS and PDF Manual to be lacking any real concrete steps into exploiting different machines and then elevating privileges. I almost got Phoenix - but going back where I left off is not working. I can't even repeat the steps I did to gain the user shell (sh-3.00$) Very frustrating!!! I got Cold Fusion - found PAIN and got lost in there. Worked MUHAHA and got files into the FTP - but could not execute a reverse shell to elevate. Working on Bethany now and found an exploit and a higher port that did not come up during various NMAP SCANS - but found it with SPARTA. Almost half-way though this course with only 1 machine pawned. ADMIN and the FORUMS are no help what so ever. No bumps, nudges, hugs, or kisses from anyone. They give you ALPHA as a walk through...but the guy found the exploit early on and keep on looking for other stuff before returning to it and pawning the machine. Beyond that, this course is flaky on instruction at best. I spend most of my time on Google researching - bounding back to the KALI VM, trying something to see if I can get "whatever" to work - and then when it doesn't hours have passed. I know alot of what not to do on a particular machine, but what to do for success eludes me..... The whole TRY HARDER motto is annoying - especially when the instructional videos and PDF really don't help. They dedicate alot on Buffer Overflows. I designed one in the PDF Manual - followed the instructions and got a reverse shell - no worries go that down. I took the Reverse Malware course here (Cybrary) and the one from the major book - so I'm familiar with that process. At this point, I wished I had gone with eLearnSecurity eCPPT course and paid for the life time version! Anyone looking to help a mate out would be appreciated - I would like to get at least 10 boxes done before the exam in APR. I have one already.... UPDATE: I got 12 machines PAWNED --- take the exam 1st part of APRIL. If there are people in the course right now - would like to form a study group - send me a message. If you are not in the course -- do not message me. double post not sure if it's still active, I'm about to start, so would be grateful for any support; Hi sentinel or everybody Please add me on discord i am a newbie but i have connected with friends that helped me along the way lets help each other Cyberjokermaniac#7054 hello guys, wonder if this topic is still alive, can you add me to the study group ? thanks Hi If this group is still open can you please add me in Thanks Hi all. Hello Folks, any thing that your are currently focusing on ? for faster analysis and efficient breaking ? Hi Is there a slack group or a chat group for OSCP study? I would like to join, I'm working on my oscp I'd like to join as well Hi, guys currently, I am taking OSCP course, however, I am stuck about many labs and I am feeling so frustrated. So, now I am looking for an OSCP study group to help each other. I’d like to join as well. If anyone can help me to study this course, I will appreciate so much. My email is Best, Tomo Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. I know a lot more. [เว็ปแทงบอล]( :J I have enroled for the pwk labs. I am interested to join in this group
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