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Best Linux OS For Ethical Hacking

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January 1, 2016

Best linux for Learning pentest or ethical hacking , which one should I choose.. 1.Red hat linux 2.debian linux 3.mandrake linux/mandriva 4.suse linux 5.xandros linux 6.gentoo linux 7.ubuntu linux 8.fedora bsd 10.centos 11.turbo linux 12.linux mint 13.sabayon linux 14.damn small linux(dsl) 15.linspire 16.freespire 17.zencafe 18.trustix merdeka 19.blankon If you are looking for a penetration testing distribution you can go with the well known Kali Linux which is fully featured with tons of pentesting tools. What are your skills at the moment? If you are completely new to this try to start with simple things such as learning how Linux Windows, etc work, because that is the fundamental skillset you need for hacking. Besides also Networking is a very important skill in terms of understanding hacking techniques. Arch Linux for example might be difficult for a newbie but it's definitely worth giving a shot as you learn sooo much during the process of installing and configuring. As I mentioned before Kali Linux or BackBox Linux gives you a plenty amount of tools right out of the box, but you have to be careful not becoming a Script Kiddie, just executing programs but not really understanding the function. For my part, I started my hacking career with Kali Linux. After I had gotten used to it I started on exploring how the different tools work but also I couldn't stand it to use a platform (Linux) I really didn't know much about. So I continued with Arch Linux which sharpened my skillset in a way I couldn't imagine as I started fighting with the command line. In a nutshell it is important that you have already built a fundamental skillset in operating systems and networking and also programming skills would contribute to a successful progress in leaning pentesting/hacking. I hope I could help :) thank's for the advice.. Kali Linux is great. If you are playing with Arch, I recently learned about Arch Assault and BlackArch which are pentesting repositories you can just add to an Arch install. Also, Kali is nice for pentesting. If you are unfamiliar with Linux, try Ubuntu, Fedora, or Mint to understand the OS structure before going straight for a pentesting distro Kali linux and BackBox are good to start... But it is as other folks told, you must understand the basic of Operating systems... I would suggest you take a look at Kali Linux. It is a Linux distribution that is already packed with tools for all kinds of tinkering. If you already chose another distribution do not fear because most of the tools within Kali can easily be installed on other distributions as well. kali linux or backtrack 5 Best linux for Learning pentest or ethical hacking , which one should I choose.. 1.Red hat linux 2.debian linux 3.mandrake linux/mandriva 4.suse linux 5.xandros linux 6.gentoo linux 7.ubuntu linux 8.fedora bsd 10.centos 11.turbo linux 12.linux mint 13.sabayon linux 14.damn small linux(dsl) 15.linspire 16.freespire 17.zencafe 18.trustix merdeka 19.blankon Without question - Kali Linux! This is the current build of a popular OS Backtrack. One thing I prefer to do is not only use Kali, but also SIFT 3.0 ( Sure you can pulll down the packages, but when I try to run a pentest, i like to separate my nodes, 1. One for discovery and analysis 2. for reporting review and data reporting/interpretations There's lots of different ones! Kali, Backtrack, BugTraq, Cyborg Hawk, Backbox, and so much more Simply Kali Linux.. Wait for its New version launching on August 2015 i.e. Kali 2.0 August 11th, so excited I'll +1 the Kali Linux love. Plenty of people using it and so there's plenty of details around how to use it. Kali is good for learning not just because it's full of tools ready to roll but there are tonnes of tutorials and sources of information all on kali. Even though you can run tools in different environments it generally gives you less of a headache :) and more support when it all goes wrong! Kali is ran by professionals and is the most well known PenTesting OS out there. The only thing I don't like about it, is it's not as stable as BT5. either go with Kali or BackBox, BackBox is easier to find fix since it based on ubuntu XFCE, if you're still new to linux download VMWare and go to kali website find Kali vmware images (Virtualbox as well) In all honesty, Kali Linux. Smooth, easy to use, packed with literally almost everything you will need from sniffers to scanners (etc). Then after you get used to it and know it's ins and outs you can move on onto other pentesting OSes but I doubt you would as you would realize it's the best out of all. I preffer Kali as main package to use, there is plenty others like Arch Linux, ShellOs and ofcourse Kali Linux. Kali, Arch and these are not Linux it self, but the actual package you are running on Linux Kernel, it's all up to you witch one you want to use for you need, I'm using Kali Linux myself, on VMWARE, Dual-Bot and actual install on HD also. Using VMWARE + Dual-Boot on my laptop and my stationair computer has Kali installed directly down on it. Best regards, Kevin Mark. Hardened Gentoo, for big boys only, but the best if you want to really understand your OS and how it works on the inside. Building a gentoo install is a good learning project for understanding linux. You should definatly try it, and with a bit of patience and perserverance you may swear by it. I do, but it is not for the faint of heart or the after-school script kiddie. @bahur-specter +1 I had just read this and then seen your post....coincidence? The difference between Ubuntu and Gentoo ;) This comes from the xda developers forums..... "Using/installing Ubuntu is like buying a car. It may have a few features you'll never need or use, and might need to have a couple features added as aftermarket parts. Using/installing Gentoo is like buying a pile of sheet metal, a few rubber trees, small pile of copper, a pile of sand, and an oil well. Then you have to cut and fabricate the car's body from the sheet metal, extract the rubber from the trees, then use that to make the tires and all the seals on the car. Use the pile of copper to make all the wires, and use the leftover rubber(you did save the scraps didn't you) to make the insulation. Melt down the pile of glass to make the windshield, side and back windows, also the headlights and lights themselves. Then you need to extract the crude oil from the well to refine your own engine oil and gas. In the end, you have a car created to your exact specifications (if you know what the hell you're doing) that may or may not be any better than just buying a car off the lot." Oh come on BOB! Gentoo is not as hard as all that, it is not like LFS or somthing....unless you bootstrap a stage2 hehe.... If you are insane you might try \*BSD (OpenBSD)….hehe. It provides a platform that you can be sure beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that it will not get corrupted or infected during the pentest. You will however probably be forced to use slightly older hardware….which may make GPU cracking slower/more difficult….but then, if you got the cheese you could purchase and program an “FPU” board to make cracking calculations in place of 100 or so state of the art GPUs! And if by some chance you happen to possess the qualities of a James Bond villain, time to rule the world from your keyboard caliber of evil dude… could roll your own hybrid version of \*BSD with the best qualities of all the main \*BSDs (NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD) replace the blowfish encryption with something more up-to-date and slick, switch out the “ports” package manager for Gentoo Linux’s “portage” but ported to BSD obviously….use perhaps some sort of encrypted filesystem in userspace as full-disk encryption which protects your drives only while at rest is probably not what you want as a pentester…..once built and configured the way you want, better make it into read only image with some sort of session persistance so you have a clean, reliable, and consistant starting point for each pentest, that way your system can always be reverted to the “zero” state that it was before you did any pentesting and you can be 99% certain is free of all corruption….OSX is made this way using a base read-only image and persistance….more or less. Remember to purchase hardware with your OS requirements in mind. +1 for Kali Kali Linux and redhat Linux is good backboxe you can use kali linux or backbox linux both are good for pen testing kali linux Backbox is the best...use that and run [katoolin]( kali is the best OS to learn!!! kali for best pen testing and ubuntu for beginners in linux Most noob hackers would like to just jump in with tools they don't even understand thereby making that engagement unsuccessful or might even land him in jail. Here's a tip. Aim small, miss small. Learn the basics. 1. Information Gathering 2. Scanning and service enumeration. 3. Vulnerability scanning. 4. Vulnerability exploitation. 5. Post exploitation. 6. Covering tracks. 7. For professionals it's reporting. 8. Rinse. 9. Repeat.
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