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Openvas Vs Nessus

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January 1, 2016

can any one help me with the difference between openvas and nessus. specially how much they differ on performance basis, weaknesses and advantages. and how they perform on different type of venerabilities like network base or other stuff. To start with the obvious. Nessus is commercial, paid software as to where openvas is not. Nessus has a more professional feel to it (at least in my opinion) and rather than just showing vulnerabilities, it also gives suggestions on what to do about them and how to go about fixing them. Openvas however is open source and free which is why it now comes stock with Kali as opposed to Nessus. As far as finding vulnerabilities, both can yield different results and show different attack vectors. I personally have had more luck with Nessus, but then again I am also much more familiar with it. In the end you should know how to use both and never become narrow sighted. Every tool has its advantages, and weaknesses. i was hoping to find more people in here, where did everybody go? from kali linux cookbook \[Packt Publishing\] > OpenVAS, the Open Vulnerability Assessment System, is an excellent framework that can be used to assess the vulnerabilities of our target. It is a fork of the Nessus project. Unlike Nessus, OpenVAS offers its feeds completely free of charge. As OpenVAS comes standard in Kali Linux, we will begin with configuration.
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