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Need Assistance With Ferret And Hamster Installing It

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January 1, 2016

please help me with installing and running ferret and hamster. which platform are you using? For kali linux this link might be helpful cant test on windows thought the site is down for hamster download. BEST OF LUCK! Hi Darkangel4, I'm currently using Win 7. I can see all the folders for hamster and ferret including build, bin etc,. I see the make file. I can't seem to run the make file in order to see it execute in DOS in win 7 platform. I already tried to unzip the folders/files on both, directories many times I just don't see how to execute the make file command. This is how I was trying to install hamster & ferret: I'm just trying to re-create what I saw in the video. I have tried to install kali linux on my old laptop via flash drive. Not able to Do not know why? thanks for the link for Kali linux info. I'll look into it. Unfortunately, the link you are following is for Backtrack R5 (sort of older version of Kali - based on linux) so it will not work on windows i'm afraid. If you downloaded file form the mediafire link given on that site, it was for linux systems. the main site of hamster and ferret is down, so you'll have to wait for a windows version i guess. Try the below distro: Distributor ID: Debian Release: Kali Linux 1.0 Codename: n/a Kali Linux 1.0 was successful Yet to try on Kali Linux 2.0 where can i download hamster and ferret for windows? but the site has been down for a long time. and frankly this tool is no longer useful since most popular sites have switched to https or HSTS which make is impossible for this tool to hijack Thank you darkangel4 for your responses especially in regards to your comment blog on Oct.31, 2015 Where can i download the hamster and ferret tool for windows!! Does anyone have the tool? if so can you attach those links here. Please tell me can session hijacking is workable if victim is not connected/using my wifi ? Being on the same network segment is the main point since you will spoof the victim IP and insert yourself into their session while knocking them off the network. There are also DOM based attacks which are a bit more complex and can be a bear to get them to work, but it's the same idea of getting the cookie although DOM may require some coding and maybe you have to get your victim to a website that you control and hopefully they don't have a up to date browser.\_hijacking\_attack DOM you can also call the victim to you with using the wifi pineapple. if need i can write something that show how to do that if enough people wanted it.
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