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Mysql Dump Files Import Problem

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January 1, 2016

Hello. If anyone can help me with shaking their finger at me, telling me I'm a doe doe, and correcting what ever it is I'm doing wrong. I promise I will never date your sister if you have one. apache2 up and running fine mysql server aaaaa-okay I'm using mysql Workbench and I'm sure the problem is with something I haven't done or a setting that is not right. Here is what's happening: \[info\] Checking for tables which need an upgrade, are corrupt or were not closed cleanly.. Its all good I figured it out. The first part is not an error message. '\[info\] 'Checking for tables which need an upgrade, are corrupt or were not closed cleanly..' This just means it checked for all those things. After searching here and there, configuring this and that, and drinking lots of coffee I got it to work. Among other things, the dump files were too big for mysql Workbench. Had to use the command line to do it: mysql -u #username# -p #database# Hey, I have the same problem, (my goal is to convert my sql file to csv form), do you have any solution? Greetz. Its been awhile since I've logged in here. I know there are MySQL to CSV converters to make that happen. :)
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