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January 1, 2016

Has anybody used "Mozaiq" a steganography site you can hide encrypted messages within photos? And has anybody tried to do that on facebook? Maybe we could get a couple people together and try to see if some methods work? anybody game? hillplain ![]( "my purpose" fun to see if it works facebook is tricky though just 4 fun ![just 4 fun]( Does anybody know what algorithm they use? I haven't found any info about this on the site. The only "info" I found is: "With this tool, you can hide messages in plain site inside of pictures that you can then safely share. No one will be able to see or read the message." on this site Hope it's not closed source. That would be a little unfortunate... 13ushm4n Heres a link they write about genetic based algorithms used in stenography heres a link And here you can find an open source project for steganography that works very well: It is part of the advanced features available on the Tomb encryption software.
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