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Linux (Kali Or Any Other) On The Mobile Device

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January 1, 2016

Hi Cybrarians :) I have a rather weird question which I cant find an answer to, is it possible to install a Linux distribution (Kali or whichever) on a mobile device like android phone or windows phone? I know there is a Ubuntu phone and Android is based on Linux kernel so I presume it should be possible. Thank you in advance for all your answers. There is a distrobution of Kali Linux called Nethunter that you can insall on any android device that you have the ability to flash ROM's on. You can find the information here. Are you able to say buy a windows phone and wipe and load kali linux on it (loading android on it first). I am having terrible trouble finding an answer. I have been warned on the nethunter website for my comment and I am only trying to find out the answer to the above question OR what phones can you run kali on, does it have to be a nexus or plus one? can it just be a android device (as per above question). I mean no disrepect or breach of any conduct code I am just wanting to know what I can use? I have a blackberry q10, can I get android 4.4.2 (i believe that the kitkat version) and flash the device and use it? Reason for this is that I can hack myself and not infringe on anyone else's information. Kind Regards ShenLun You can run Kali on Android with Linux Deploy App which you can get from the app store. I was wondering whether you can install directly on to the hardware without android. Thank you for the link Real3ternal, interesting stuff. Pity its only for nexus or oneplus, but its a good start :) i tried kali linux on android and tbh its not that much plus if your phone doesnt support injection then it will be useless, if you really want a portable linux OS with you, get nokia n900 its cheap and its OS is based on linux. heres some links to see\_eSUtBQo HI YAZ thanks for you input, question what is tbh? and how can you tell from the specs if the phone support injection? I am trying to find a decent phone with a physical qwerty to do this on. Kind Regards ShenLun hey shen, tbh means to be honest, sorry for using slangs, some phone drivers dont have the ability to inject packets, others do, what makes n900 capable of injection that you can flash it with multipule kernels, check out this thread about bleeding edge drivers as for how to find out if your phone can inject, you can try airmon application and see if it works, you can get it from bugtroid app which is a very good app for pentesters, also theres a testing injection in aircrack-ng if you have it on your phone by typing this command aireplay-ng -9 -e teddy -a 00:de:ad:ca:fe:00 -i wlan1 wlan0 check here for more details\_test Thinking about buying a huawei p8 or huawei p8lite would this be about to inject with a EMUI customised android source ( i believe) so i think that the nethunter should run on it. Or the redmi note 2 suggestions on either or phone Kind Regards Scott why dont you just buy nexus i doubt nethunter would run on it as its only designed for hammerhead firmwares e.g. nexus 5 Because then I am tied down to one device @Yaz, but their is also a nexus in the works with a physical qwerty keyboard, hence your suggestion of a n900 (which i bought one and it's on the way). Kind Regards ShenLun since you decided to buy a n900, i guess i can help you with my experience with it, you can try NeoPwn which is kinda like backtrack mobile phone and it was designed for n900 here are some links: this is how to install it: these are the files you need: Good luck Thanks for the info. I appreciate! Try kali nethunter Warning:- If you are installing the kali linux in android the frist check the your 1\] Wi-Fi Connection 2\] Andoid Version 3\] What the device You booting from(SD,PD,Software)
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