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January 1, 2016

Hello everybody, I would like to know your opinions about linux foundation certification LFCS. Is there any better linux titulation a part from LFCE? thanks If you want a basic understanding of Linux, you can go down the LPI / LFCS or Linux+ path, but if you want a certification that Enterprises respect and will employ you for, you're better off going down the RHCSA / RHCE path. I have read RHCSA syllabus, and its easier than LFCS, why is it more respectable by Enterprises? It's been my experience that medium to large businesses use Red Hat almost exclusively and some medium to small businesses use CentOS. LFCS exam gives you the option of choose between CentOS, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. But the syllabus, domains and competences are the same in each distro. Only changes little things, like some /etc files location and so...\_Domains\_Competencies\_V2.16.pdf Any recommended sites (or pdf's) to become a premium linux administrator? Irrelevant. You asked if there was a better path than LFCS. I answered based on a career in Systems & Network Engineering spanning more than a decade and a half where I've actually been an interviewer and have worked for several Fortune 500 companies. In the end, no-one can tell you what to do with your career. What I can advise you of, is that: 1. All the big businesses out there use Red Hat in production. 2. Red Hat certifications are the de facto standard for Systems Administrators. 3. I've never seen a job spec that preferred LFCS over RHCSA / RHCE. 4. If you honestly think LFCS is harder than the Red Hat exams, I recommend that you try achieving them, because you are seriously mistaken. You don't have to take my word for it though. Just do a quick google for RH certified jobs vs LFCS certified jobs. I'd recommend using CentOS or Scientific Linux to study and buying the book by Michael Jang and doing as many hands on labs as possible. You'll need them for the RH exams. Ultimately though, it's up to you to choose your own path.I am getting info from different sources, I dont want to contradict anybody. I suppose you are talking about USA companies and interviewers, I am not from the states. Is there in Europe the same scene? Thanks for your opinion, is very appreciated. I'm not sure about Asia, but I can tell you what I've said is accurate for Europe and the USA. Are the folks telling you Red Hat is less important than LFCS, Managers and Systems Engineers / Administrators or something else? Did you do an online search for certified Linux jobs? It's good to get feedback from people, but it's important to do your own research and not take anything at face value. Thanks for sharing. I'll tell you what, i have both lfcsa lfce and rhcsa. The lfcsa is harder than rhcsa. The Red Hat certs are more recognized simply because they have been around a lot longer and more people know about them. You might want to do a search of your local jobs boards to see which certs are mentioned the most. When I did a search, RHCE came up with over 700 mentions, while LFCE was mentioned fewer than 10 times.
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