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Kali Linux Not Connecting With Wifi

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January 1, 2016

Hello people, I am using Kali linux and I have installed Kali linux in VMWare. I use windows 10. The problem is Kali Linux was running perfectly and I was able to connect it to Wifi. But few days ago I updated my Windows 10 and after that Kali Linux is not connecting with Internet. I use WiFI only. Don't know what's happening. Not a single tool is running. If I ping the it is showing some result. But the tools like WHOIS and others simply display that "Server is unreachable" Please help. Make sure you have a bridged network configuration. Try running the following command in Kali: service networking restart. Run ifconfig and, if no interface is shown other than "lo" (loopback), run the following commands: a) ifconfig eth0 up b) dchlient If that works, re-run ifconfig and you should now have an IP address. To make sure you're connected, run: "ping -c6" (without quotes). If the ping returns results, you're connected, if it says unknown host, it means you're not. At the most, reboot your VM. maybe you can set your adapter wifi to static IP
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