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ITIL Foundation - How Hard Is The Exam?

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January 1, 2016

I completely skipped over my ITIL Foundation because I assumed it wouldn't count for much (as this is the easiest of the ITIL exams). For those that have been in the IT world for 6+ years, how much work is needed to study for this exam? Lets say, starting with the cybrary training videos, what would be other needed material? The last thing I want to do is read a dry/long book (like the pmp book). I also saw that there are 3 day classes for this exam.... But is that really necessary? Anybody that has taken the exam please give your input, as I am a comp security professional but want to get this exam knocked out also (I want to stay well rounded). Thanks in advance. Any reply to this post would be very helpful as I am also currently taking the same path. IDK sorry dude but kali linux :) Anyone help me out I also have the same qs How hard is the ITIL Exam? Seems this exam is basic, if you read over the high level concepts/sections/modules. Knowing how ITIL phrases something (or use one of their million acronyms for for) will help you pass. Also, taking what you have learned in the past, at work, and making sure its really what you "should be doing" ... at least so says ITIL, hence it being an ITIL exam. I really wasn't planning on getting the cert (taking this class was my total 100% my goal - 2 hours of learning, thanks for the media) but now considering sitting for it, as the material itself makes sense. Many companies do not have the fundamentals (or are lacking important fundamentals) - ITIL has laid out the important basics in the simplest. Should not be hard at all if you study :) So, for those who have taken the exam, and for any who have knowledge; is it true that you can get a basic job with just the ITIL certification alone? What is the title of this basic job your asking about? iv been working around tech nearly 18 years since i was a child this being networks and home programming, I started doing a course in networking in college and my head is fried im so lost... yet iv been working with networks since i was a kid.... you gota study study study ..... and even when you pass the exsam you still gota keep studying cause there's always new stuff and updates ^That doesn't really say a lot though. If your in a 1.5k+ company, a lot of the procedures are ITIL based. Small companies create their own rules - As the company grows, it gets evolved off ITIL. The foundation of ITIL is the basic structure. Any company that is larger, follows those rules, as a basic practice. They then create special operational procedures because of their sector. I asked a few people, that come from bigger companies, and they said 50%+ of the exam is related to basic foundational material. Knowing how to answer the "question formatted" questions is the harder part. thanks for infos ***Thanks*** thanks Thanks! When I took it a few years ago there were 42 questions and I got a 36. That was after a 3 day bootcamp. I think the important thing is to grasp the concepts. Good luck I'm sure you'll do fine if you study it's straightforward and not deceptive like some vendor tests I know :) Have to look at costs also; who's paying. It's pretty straightforward to search on Google for a sample ITIL Foundation exam! Thanks for the info. thanks I believe the average pass rate for ITIL v3 Foundation is approximately 87%, up from around 85% a few years ago; other than the modules on my company LMS, I did self-study (no classroom/formal course) and cleared the exam with a 93% Would you say this exam can be passed by just going through the training videos on this site? Thank you! To be honest, I'm not sure I would depend on this course alone to pass the exam. No slam against this course whatsoever; I simply feel you might need (at least I did) a bit deeper "dive" than this course offers. It's a great resource though, no doubt; I went through it just for a refresher, since I took the exam almost a year ago. It helped me remember a lot of things and learn some new ones as well. If you don't mind I can get back with you later in the week probably with some resources that I really found helpful. here in australia it is some how essential to have a ITIL foundation to get a job these days so i have the question. do i need to get a certification or just to complete the course would be enough to get a job. @Drood Yes, that would be great! I'm going through these videos and the CBT nuggets videos, but any other resources would be great. Not so hard! thanks After taking the ITIL class, its very good information to acquire. I have worked in environments that forced ITIL, and didn't know (prior to taking the class) that this is very basic and standard (and because of our clients needs, it forced an ITIL environment). Even if you don't want to sit for the exam (I considered but am not going to sit for it), the information in this cybrary class, is very much needed in all environments. Taking an idea, bringing it to corporate deployment, and maintaining it, ...those are all basics that all should know. I see the same amount of value in this class, for people that aren't going to sit for the exam, as in the least, it will make you a better leader. if your concept is good, exam is so easy. Prepare yourself for [ITIL Foundation Training]( with **NetCom Learning** as your learning partner taught by certified, experienced instructors live online available at over 300 classroom locations and from your home or office. Passing ITIL Foundation is not highly difficult, it’s just that you need to have a structured preparation process and proper guidance from an expert. It all depends on how much you are willing to understand the ITIL Framework in-depth, its concepts and fundamentals, as this basis forms the backbone of Foundation level. You should [know about the ITIL certifications](, to have a basic understanding and direction about the ITIL and what you want to achieve. Want to pass exam in first attempt? Get [Netsuite Foundation exam question]( answers pdf from and pass exam with few hours of study. Dumpsbook has Suite Foundation dumps that you can prepare at home and attempt same questions in real exam to pass exam easily. Get braindumps file from To implement ITIL Framework, professionals need to have full knowledge and proficiency in IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices, that can be achieved by getting ITIL qualification. If you are looking to get qualified in ITIL®, sign up for our FREE Skills Assessment Quiz to know whether you have the right skills required for being an ITIL® professional. Hey I would love to share few recourses so that you can get idea about the ITIL exam questions :- 😀
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