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IT Meme

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January 1, 2016

![IT stages]( It's not good if you are in that paradox all the time, but I guess everyone is like that least once. @angut I agree,but seeing as it has happened to everyone I thought I'd share. Also sometimes you can learn from these occurrences :D ![meme]( ![cyppic]( LOL...... Hahaha I love the rock one, good stuff too OP! These a good. LoL Nice thread. Love it. So I came across many more Memes you all might like. Let me know what you think :D This first one here is actually a real issue. ![Jobs](![Funny]( next one is life before ![ ](![ ](![]( one I don't get. I've installed a few different Linux distros before...what am I missing? ![](![]( is one below is factual information. ![](![]('m sure many of you experienced this last one. ![]('s all I hope you enjoyed these!!! ![Meme]( Great collection.Congrats!!! :) really good stuff here
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