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Is UFONet Really Safe To Create A Botnet?

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January 1, 2016

I assume that whenever we download and install UFONet, it turns us into a zombie. I am not sure how is it displaying list of zombies. Is there any other way to detect when our turns into a zombie? Is there any robust solution? No, my understanding of UFONet is that it is used to create and control other systems which are turned into zombies. Your computer controls the zombies and never actually talks to the system you are targeting. Take a look at the diagram linked below to see how the system is supposed to work. Notice how all of the arrows from UFONet end at the zombies (the "Validators"), so the target never gets to see your IP address. Thanks Paul, I wonder how this could be used as a DDOS tool in Penetration Testing. I am not sure how UFONET got set of zombies. I will consider this as a Hacking rather than testing since we're using set of zombies(victims) to DDOS, One of the zombie could be an attacker machine which we never know. Maybe I am wrong, this is just my apprehension For DDoS testing, it is more common for a pentesting firm to use a stress-testing service or DDoS service and not to run their own botnet infrastructure. The legality of botnets is also a tricky issue, as the majority of botnets consist of infected machines whose owners have no idea that they are participating. Another option is to use something like Amazon AWS instances to stand up a lot of low-powered machines and use them to pound away on some site.
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