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Is Over The Wire War Games Good For Newbies Like Me?

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January 1, 2016

Hello Friends! I'm just a newbie in the IT security field and I just passed CompTIA Security+ last July. I would really like to take my skills to the next level especially in the path of a penetratation tester, however topics are really difficult for me to comprehend as of the moment so I decided to play some of Over The Wire's War games. I'm currently playing the bandit level and I'm planning to finish all the games before I proceed with the actual penetration testing practices. War games helps me understand the basics of linux (for Bandit game) as well as enhancing my problem solving skills and of course giving me some fun while learning. I would just want to get your opinion if this is a great way to start before I dive in deep with the intense practices of ethical hacking? I would love to hear your comments :)
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