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It Is 1 Year Now Since Junaid Memon Passed Away

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January 1, 2016

Hi folks, It is one year now since Junaid Memon (CCNA instructor) passed away, to show tribute and respect to the very high quality CCNA lessons that he did to develop our career let's finish what we have started. If you started a module but never more progressed it please complete it. "You will always keep in our mind Junaid" Thanks Hi folks, It is one year now since Junaid Memon (CCNA instructor) passed away, to show tribute and respect to the very high quality CCNA lessons that he did to develop our career let's finish what we have started. If you started a module but never more progressed it please complete it. "You will always keep in our mind Junaid" Thanks May his soul Rest in Peace Very nice gesture and suggestion @amadeu! We sincerely are appreciative of all Junaid did for Cybrary and the InfoSec community as a whole. May he rest in peace! Thanks @klowe Hopefully you find another talented one to keep what Junaid has started toward our CCNP. He was and remains to be a great teacher. Finished the course recently. Stil going over the videos and redoing labs in preparation for my ccna and found out halfway through the course of his passing. It was odd to watch the remaining videos but I was also pleased to know his knowledge is still being passed on. RIP Junaid Omg! I started my ccna class about a week plus and I just saw that the great tutor dishing out knowledge is no more like a year ago. That's a huge shock to me! Rip Junaid. Your works speak. To truly live is to leave impacts behind. HI All, I am going through Junaid's videos at the moment. I realised he passed away only earlier today... feel so sad to hear. Said to a friend only earlier today how great a teacher/trainer he was. I'm sure many people will benefit from his work for a long time to come. What a talent! Condolences to his friends, family & colleagues Hi, I completed CCNA Junaid's videos and got lot of information from him. He is really a nice instructor. Very sad to know that, he passed away. Thanks Junaid, it was an honor to study and practice with you. My heartfelt condolences go out to your family. RIP @junaid I'm watching Junaid's CCNA videos, I've never met him in person, His presentation is crisp and clear to the point, he makes thinks easy unlike others who make learning complicated. One of the best instructor for CCNA. We need people like Juanid who are selfless in sharing knowledge that world may be a better place. Junaid's contribution to the networking world will never be forgotten. I too was shocked hearing that he is no more. May your soul rest in peace ! I am writing this post from Turkey Istanbul. I do not have job and I have a lot of economic problems for going to course . Junaid even he passed away 1 year ago , he is stil helping people all over the world like me who really want to learn . He is giving hope that the world is not a place only selfish and rich people .I am praying for him everyday . Thank you my teacher Junaid, You did'nt pass away you are still living in our hearts . I'm going through Junaid’s videos at the moment. I'm following up its classes since 2 months but it's only this morning that i realised he passed away.I feel so sad to hear. More than ever i'm determined to get my CCNA certification to show tribute and respect to the very high quality CCNA lessons that he generously did to help us. May the soul of the giant you have been and remain rest in peace. pls how can i download the videos of each modules instead of watching it online because of bad network I'm only a few videos in but I was just telling a friend what a great instructor his is. I'm sadden he has passed on - rest in peace my new instructor. Sorry to hear.... i just start CCNA videos yesterday and right now figure out that junaid passed away. what a shocked , he is such a good teacher ,.rest in a peace and you will never die because to many people are learning from your videos . I loved his classes. He is a great teacher I have ever seen. He makes everything simple for us. May Allah make everything simple for him. i have been through the tutorials junaid was offering and for real the guy was a great mind .May he rest in peace .He surely lives on because he put life into many His way of teacing was simple and easy to understand. we will miss him............................. He Was a great teacher, I have never seen someone like him who explain every little thing in such a great way that you can't even imagine of that. we are really missing you sir May he rest in peace .He surely lives on because he put life into many Join to the above-mentioned.RIP Great teacher indeeD.RIP sorry to hear! was just telling a friend today how great his videos were! I'm only 15% through Instructor Junaid's CCNA course only to find out, with sadness, that he passed away over a year ago. So far he has made learning very informative, on point and interesting. I was exploring this website to find out if there was a way to download Instructor Junaid's packet tracer file that he is using to teach the class. Thank you Instructor Junaid in memory. You were are great instructor Junaid!! Thanks a lot!!! I just finished the course and going back Through some labs to prepare for my test He was a great instructor rip Please don't delete his videos- I study them a little each day; he continues to leave his mark in a positive way, and in that respect he is still alive. So sad to learn this as many others are. I thought I might be able to thank him for the videos but am upset that I won't get the chance. Although I only recently started the course, I am so grateful for Mr. Memon's expertise and passion and I will value the videos even more now. Rest in peace, thank you for allowing your knowledge to reach so many people. I just started the lessons and really liked him... it's really sad to hear it. R.I.P. I feel very sad on the death of grewt instructor. Itd true that God takes and picks up good people soon among us. I am very inspired by his generosity and just want to say you are not die Junaid brother you are still alive and you are a role model of helping and sharing knowledge among other. May God also help me to spread tthe light like you did. Many prayers for your sould. I am so sorry to hear this. Junaid is an excellent instructor and I am tremendously enjoying his CCNA course here in prep for the CCENT/CCNA exams. Only just saw this thread today and it was a sad surprise to hear. If you are considering studying for your CCENT or CCNA exam I would strongly encourage you to take his course. **Super great**. I loved his courses so much that I looked up google for more courses from Junaid and I came to this. It's a shock really. I did not expect such a thing and I am falling short of words. May his soul rest in peace. The word of technology lost a genius. RIP Junaid.. i am really sad to know that this person was pass away May his soul Rest in Peace he was a great teacher i love his course it's very helpful and understandable WTH! :( Now I can't get the thought of his death out of my head! Can't believe I am watching his videos and he is no longer alive! Does anyone know how it happened? Rest In Peace! This is heart breaking. i started my online ccna study this week following each and every video you posted only to learn that you passed away. I didnt know you in person,but you trully touch my heart in many ways - i cannot express how deeply sad i am. May you rest in peace. you touched soo many peoples hearts - far and beyond. You shall always be remembered and what you started will never go in vain. May allah grant you janatul firdaus.Ameen. I have recently started the ccna lessons and i have just learnt that he is not actually with us anymore.His lectures are extremely good and easy to understand.May he rest in peace.His legacy will remain! can someone fix the english sub ? it is not working anymore...... I started studying CCNA long before i saw Junaid sir videos after watching that i have felt to get teaching from him for my future courses but when i saw this comments i really miss a greatest teacher its is very sad to know this news. RIP sir you set a great path in teaching. He had an OMG way of teaching! Miss you Junaid.... I just started the course and came to know this. Its really sad to hear. Rest in Peace. I just started watching his videos, he is a kind of instructor that you'd love to listen to. He simplifies things and puts them in your brain in a very simple way. May his soul rest in peace. I searched his name to see if he had another courses out. I like his style of teaching and how he goes about presenting it. I'm sorry to hear he passed way. He's defiantly a great teacher. How did he die ? I'm very grateful to you Junaid. Respect. RIP. I just started watching his videos couple weeks ago and he's been the best instructor I had seen. R.I.P. Started learning the CCNA Course Today and through the introduction, I have learnt that you no more. As i go through every video, i realize how great an instructor you are. You know when to stop and reflect something important at any particular stage of your lecture before continuing. That talent and wisdom is not shared by many instructors out there. And that is what makes you simply the best there is. Thank you for lectures, you will be inscribed in my heart as a one of a kind instructor and to many that will watch you. You are alive in our day to day life i am very grateful to u junaid sir..i am shocked to hear this..i search internet about junaid sir because he is a great teacher but i am shocked to see this post This is shocking, How did he pass away? may his soul rest in peace I just finished his CCNA course. He really was a great teacher, and I'm sure his videos will continue to help others like myself. Thanks, Junaid. Will never forget your teachings. best teacher well explanation salute you sir this is sad, he looked young also, how he passed away what happened he was so good at explaining wtf, I just realized he passed away how? my respects to junaid memon, badass at explaining cisco.... Best teacher. RIP He was a great teacher and one of my best tutor i have ever meet. May he respect in perfect peace. Hmmm,may he rest in peace. I just love him and I will honour him in my networking journey. He is my HERO. OMG i just found out. Feels so bad man :( what a great teacher. Salute and Respect to ever loving Tutor. Realised today from course description. RIP. I started studying for CCNA through Junaid's videos for about 7 months now, It is just today that I knew that the person who taught me everything about this is actually already dead. I searched his name on Google just a few minutes ago because I wanted to know more about him, only to know that he's actually already dead even before I started studying for CCNA. Now, i'm left awed at his greatness and I feel like I owe him something, and that should be to succeed in this field. I know that in my case here in the Philippines, achieving success in the field of network engineering, with my current situation, is an over-arching and too ambitious plan given that I don't even have my own laptop. This seems to be a sign that I should pursue this even with only a low-end android phone as my primary and only study aide--Thanks Junaid, I received the message through this. Ditto to teknologeek720. It's not often I absorb this level of detail on the first try but Junaid explains it very clearly. I don't think the information could be presented any better. Glad to see people at the top of their game but sorry to hear that he has passed away. OMG it is the worst news I got on the internet. Just a few days ago started to check his tutorials and I can say he is the best teacher. Even in the school, I did not get so more detailed information. Wanted to find him and thank to him for his help, and now I figured out he is passed away. Such a great TEACHER passed away a few years ago =(. My day is broken. Mood down. Tears in the eyes. Rest in peace a GREAT TEACHER =( sorry to hear about this loss. I just started his course and few weeks ago and went to go find him on linkedin and from research found out he passed. This is never good news. Sorry to hear and glad that Cybrary is using his vids and instruction regardless. They are good instructional videos thus far as I am only up to configuring trunking section. Thanks for his contribution and glad I got to be a student of his even in his passing. What a great teacher!!
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