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I Passed My CASP Exam !

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January 1, 2016

Well, after studying for 2 and half months, I bought my CASP voucher and scheduled my exam. I took my exam on a Wednesday, studied really hard and watch these videos. I feel so much better and more confident. My CASP exam was only 65questions but had several multiple choice questions and 5 interactive questions.. but never the less, I PASSED! My Tip: If you need good practice tests, i would HIGHLY recommend using (you will pass if you work it) Good luck friends, Hope you do well! Congratualations Cyberdale! :D Did you take the exam for CAS-001 or 002? Congrats man ! Good question 001 or 002 I took the CompTIA CAS-001 test... my employer was specific with the test version so I had to study that one. I believe the CAS-001 will be expiring soon and the CAS-002 is coming soon... My next major test is the CISSP.. The CISSP is going to be more challenging for me but i want to get as many cyberSecurity certs under my belt. They look really good on your resume. :) Congrats. However the statement "They look really good on your resume" not entirely true. Certifications on resumes are only as good as the job you are applying for! So if you are applying for a technical job, CISSP will not do you much good. If it were between you and someone say with a SAN GCIA, the person with the technical cert is more eligible. Just my two cents. On the other hand if you are looking for an Information Management, CISSP is better, but it also depends on human error as the hiring managers. Congrats, looking forward to taking this exam in the future. good luck with cissp. it's a killer. inch deep, mile wide CONGRATULATIONS! Nicely done! --Stark Congrats. congrats! Comgrate bro..More Success to come Congrats. COngratz, hope it serves u well in the future Congrats! congratulation Congrats. Keep on the good work Great and congratulation Great job. Congrats! Excellent work. Is the CAS-002 going to show up here? Very few places offer it. Even say they don't cover it. congratulation Congrats on passing the cert! Hi jjmar56, Im not sure if the CAS-002 will show up on this board. Id image that after the CAS-001 exam expires then the CAS-002 will be the next one in line. It will then be on web site. \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* **Thank you** everyone for the compliments \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* If you guys/gals need any help, let me know here and I'll try to answer them. Thanks again :-) I am a little late, but I passed the CASP back in May 2015. Thank you for study videos. Congrats! congrat Thanks for the info. Congrats. How much of the material directly relates to the CASP videos? good What material other than Cybrary did you use? Congrats! I will be testing for my CASP exam later this month. CONGO! Congrats and thanks for sharing! Thank you. I'll be taking my CASP-002 in the next couple of weeks!! Congrats! **Congratualations**! Congrats! I am preparing to do CASP test in next week. When I do the exam I post the result here. Good job sir...there is hope for me afterall. :) Congrats!! Congrats. Would you mind to write few sentences as to the experience and the study material you used? i used the CompTIA Advanced Security Practioner Kelly's slides provide a god background but you must do the tests included in the book. You get two lots and a pearson vue one as well. These are what the majority of the exam is like lots of multichoice. However my first 8 questions were all click and drag and fill in the gaps type. Some of them i have to say reading and the videos were no help for. It would have only been security experience of very selective kind. Anyways I passed. Disappointed a bit because you dont get a mark. However you do geta coll email from the CompTIA team congratulating you. Any handbooks , which did you use. no just the material i mentioned in my post. I read the book through twice, and practiced the questions from the book CASP 002 is the name of the game now. I am studying for it. I have to say Kathy Handerhorn is an excellent instructor. I will let you know how it goes. Good luck pharkle35 however I strongly suggest you get in some practice questions as well as the theory. Congrats! I am attempting the exam Saturday, do you have any advice? I am preparing for SSCP now, do you think watching this videos will be helpful? CASP should be harder/more in depth than SSCP? Just passed the CASP exam yesterday! It was actually much much easier than I anticipated. If CISSP and Security+ had a love child, this would be it. It's a bit more technical than CISSP and a whole lot easier for those who come at it from a hands-on technical background. By way of background, I had already studied for and passed the CISSP and CISA in the past year, so that no doubt made my efforts a lot shorter for this one. In terms of test prep, I pretty much stuck to Kelly's videos (well done as always, though not really telling of CompTIA's obsession with acronyms) and the Abernathy/McMillan book (great detail and coverage). I also scoured the web for PDFs containing example questions, just to get a feel for the real thing. As usual, my method was to give myself lots of time to absorb the concepts I found more difficult (read: rote memorization of stupid acronyms and their applications), while giving very little time to the areas I already considered strengths. I really didn't study very hard for this, but rather studied gently over 2-3 months, creating OneNote pages for deeper or more difficult topics like cryptography, standards and various documents (SOA/SOE/MOU/RA, etc.). It helps to write a few things down and then review your notes. Seeing the same thing in different ways and places makes the learning "stick" better. I've never failed an exam using this general approach, and I think that is simply due how efficiently we can retain information in the relative absence of stress. I hope someone finds this useful. :) I think it really depends on where you're coming from. From what I can discern from the study guides for both, the SSCP looks a bit broader from a technical standpoint, while the CASP seems more situational in its questions (which I like) and at the same time extremely focused on acronym recognition (which I hate). Putting this in a different light, if you are or have plans to work a DoD job, I'd skip right to the CASP and forget about the SSCP. If not, I'm not sure either will serve you all that well as compared with Sec+ (easy but well recognized and inexplicably in demand) and the CISSP (HR and managers LOVE the CISSP!). Coming from a long time infrastructure background, I opted to take the Sec+ first as a tune-up, and then jump right up to the CISSP. Sure, it's quite a leap, but it's doable if you're going at it the right way. After the Sec+ and CISSP, the CASP will seem like child's play, having covered most of the bases already. I actually did the CISA and then took a few months off -- and then took on the CASP. Why? Because I could. And because my employer is willing to pay for any exam I pass! ;) Good luck to you... Hope this helps you in your endeavors! -M So as long as I watch the videos on the website, and review I should be ok? Great insight for the CASP exam. I am testing this Wednesday and have studied for over 2 months. I am looking forward to taking it and becoming a CASP. I will follow that up with ISACA CISM in December then CISSP come March or April (Depending on how comfortable I feel). I am aiming for these certs since my employer is willing to pay for them. :-) I guess I will chime in as well. Passed the exam last Saturday. I nearly went to time on the exam but I have only studied for maybe 2 weeks. I have two CASP vouchers, one expires in May next year and the other September next year. It was given to me by comptia. I want to sell them for $350 each. Let me know whether you are interested. Congrats! I'm taking my CASP next before my SSCP Thanks Everyone... I hope you ALL pass your Exam! Study hard and FOCUS... there are a lot of temptations but you must try to stay focus on your goals.. I have been in the IT field for 17years. I'm now going to study for my CISSP and try to get to the TOP in the Information Security realm. GOOD LUCK!! ,:) Ok ? :) :)
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