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How To Use SETOOLKIT To Attack The Links With Sub-Domain And Folder ???

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January 1, 2016

Good evening everyone. I have a concern concernat using SET. On when using SETOOLKIT, I wonder how to use SET to Clone a kind of site where the user login form is on the kind of link []( So tell me please, in such cases, that is to say, when it takes a clone site with SETOOLKIT, a site with the login page where users put their names End User and password is like the link [](, How do you use this page to clone SETOOLKIT connection ([]( of the site of the victim to finally succeed my attack to collect the User Names and Passwords to users ??? Thank you to explain to me please. You may have to elaborate. Are you asking how do you run the phishing site after it been cloned? Or are you asking how you use SET to actually clone the site? Hello and thank you for your answer. @coldking **I would like to know exactly how to redirect the DNS of a kind site "" to my IP Local (my localhost) with Etter.dns ???**Do you think that once I'm in **Etter.dns**, I can do this ??? A \*. A PTR Think I add my target Etter.dns exactly as I just did above ??? Is this correct ??? Thanks for answering me.
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