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How To Spoof Your Caller ID??

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January 1, 2016

Anyone Knows How To Spoof Your Caller Id In Android... I Have Been Searched It On Net But All Worst...All Want Money... Is There Any Way To Spoof Your Caller Id Free In Android...???? Please Reply.... if you're trying to convince the person you're calling, you're someone else... it's your network that sends your caller id, not your phone. You can disable the option in your android to not show the caller id who is calling them under the sim management tab. But when you do that , you cant call anyone untill you re-enable it back in modern phones. But give it a try. There is also a tool for that which i forgot. Let me search in my PC for that xD. -- xMidnightSnowx @xMidnightSnowx : well, yes and no you need to think of that option more as of a friendly request to not give your ID to the receiver. the way it works is, - you just put a code in the number you're calling (you're phone will do this for you, but you can do it manually). - Your network will send your number, the number you're calling and the code asking not to give caller ID to the receiver, to the receivers network - The receivers network will generally honour your request and not give the receiver your number. HOWEVER, if your any reason, you're call is costing the receiver money (most likely because they are abroad), they might or might not send the caller ID to the user, but they most likely will put your number on the invoice, because they have to show what they are charging their customers for. you can try an app named voxox it can spoof your mobile no. they give you free $1 balance after this you have to buy it... hope it will help you ( I use voip provider very much. substitution of numbers works Nice infos.
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