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How To Setup Web Server With Static IP

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January 1, 2016

Hi, Please help me or guide to create Web server for Small Organization using Static IP. TIA Regards, Hemant That is a lot to learn just on a forum. Please share me the links I can't find them I'd recommend you to install ubuntu server, you can download the .iso from the ubuntu forum. Then install LAMP, there are a bunch of tutorials on how to do this on the internet. To assign a static IP to your webserver, go to: nano /etc/network/interfaces change DHCP to static, and fill in your address details. Tutorials if you can't find them: [Install ubuntu server]([Install LAMP on Ubuntu server]([Assign static IP to webserver]( you need anything else, please reply and I'll happily help you out. You can setup only PRIVATE ip as static, such as jiebss told you. In the case you need static STATIC ip address, you have to contact your Internet provider and request it..
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