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How To Find A Mentor

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January 1, 2016

Hi everyone. So I have seen from a few sites (including this one) that it is a good idea to find someone who has been in this field for a while to mentor you. How would I go about doing that? A couple of things come to mind. If you're working, and your employer has an IT department, you could work on getting to know them and ask around there. Another option is to see if your area has chapters for various professional organizations (ISSA, ISC(2), ISACA, etc). Start attending the meetings, networking, etc, and see if a mentor can be obtained that way. My local ISSA chapter has a mentoring program that they've opened up to non-students and I'm getting some good benefit out of that. Look in your area for other security related meetup groups (OWASP, DefCon, etc) and start attending their meetings as well, again to get to know folks, network, learn, etc. Might be able to find a mentor that way as well. اريد معلم لطريقة اختراق الفايسبوك وسوف اجازيه found mentors on irc. choose channel like kali, root-me, hacking-lab Thank you. I will give that a shot
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