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How To Create User On A Cisco Router With Telnet.?

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January 1, 2016

**Actually i am new here, I am connected to my office wifi cisco router, when i open telnet it like 192.168.x.x it through me to like this, It\_Room> how can i create a user with here to access my router on browser to take some effects,? and How can i create i welcome page when someone is connected to my wifi? Thanks in advance :)** The Cisco one, from configuration mode: "username secret " And you should really be using ssh ;) How to set up that ssh? On standard IOS device, from config mode you would need to set a domain name, then create public keys. That will enable ssh 1.99 (depending on IOS version), which you should then change to v2. So (from config): router(config)# ip domain-name **router(config)# crypto key generate rsa mod 2048 !note that 2048 is likely the minimum you should use router(config)# ip ssh version 2 To use the username and password login with telnet or ssh, you need to also make sure that "login local" is set on the vty lines. By default "login" is set on vty lines which only prompts for a vty password ```line vty 0 15 login local``` you can create a banner by using : ```(R-config)#banner motd #What ever message you want to display#``` I agree with mjb109 -- you should definitely be using ssh instead of telnet. The problem with telnet is that it sends your username and password over the network unencrypted so that anyone who can sniff your traffic can see the login info. In general, telnet shouldn't be used for anything, especially not anything important. The article below has a good discussion of this and does include a few fun ways where telnet is still used. nice replies from you all buddies :) nyce Forum (Y) I agree with Paul Rouk and mjb109.
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