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How To Crack This WIFI (Security:WPA-PSK With Type:802.11n)? Way Or Steps..?

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January 1, 2016

I'm having Wifi Security:WPA-PSK with type:802.11n, But how can I break password with this access point.I know WPA-PSK(pre share key)-So key repeats and WPA is not that much secure.I want to test this practical....Let me know how..?thanks... I'd recommend watching the SecurityTube WiFi megaprimer. This explains how to crack WPA-PSK as well as analysis of wireless protocols down to a packet level. sounds like you are asking for malicious activity.. Think twice.. There's a great set of wireless hacking techniques covered in module 15 of the Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking course! --Stark thanks for all informations guys Hey..I am glad and thanks for your replies...I am not doing any malicious activities...I am currently doing my masters in Cyber security Systems and networks.I'm learning every thing learning by doing and practically.So as my academic curriculum I have to submit my technical paper-But I want to prove some thing everyone think would secure- it is not secure and show them how ..., I've completed my Intern(Intelligent SysLog analyzer:About log file analysis-its using FTP access muitiple sys access+controls etc..) and graduation final year projects(chassis n/w's , Nmap,Zenmp & show ICT based online exams and vulnerabilities&threats of my campus networks are not safe and shown how to solve them efficiently....) same kind of thoughts and done alot of experiments.....Thanks for..all ...ur replies..... have fun..... but stay at the good side of the force In short, You need a wireless card that can be put in monitor mode to be able to get the data you need, the WPA handshake. I personally use Alfa cards. You use the aircrack-ng suite to catch the WPA handshake and once you have that, you can try and crack it. You can use the same tool or others but depending on the key complexity and length, it can take some time to crack it. As suggested by others, there are quite a few tutorials on how to do this, so watch a few of them and learn. can someone plz tell me how to hack WPA2-PSK secured wifi whose radio type is 802.11n I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO CRACK WIFI PASSWORD WPA and WPA 2 requires wordlist for cracking and practically would be hard to crack! Please leave me with this question...guys...I had enough learnt abt it. -Thanks advance B/llLINK I’m very keen to learn hacks help me
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