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How To Become Admin Of Any Facebook Fan Page (Hijack Facebook Fan Page)

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January 1, 2016

[]( How about you kindly post it here so we don't have to leave the site. Thanks Posting the article which is already published on some other site is against the cybrary policy.@Kennedy so what you are saying is posting already posted thing is forbidden at cybrary but advertising your website is allowed huh O\_O O.o You are taking the things in wrong way,i am just sharing the latest news and things happend in cyber world.Do you have a knowledge of the facebook fan page bug? I don't think so. @yhi It is quite an interesting article, it is quite the design flaw on the account of FB to leave 3rd party fan pages open like that. It could provide many opportunities for malicious players to access the page and change quite a lot of information there. Luckily it doesnt look to allow access to official fan pages or that could be VERY bad. Nice Article It's very interesting. Thanks for sharing. thanks for sharing `![](
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