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How To Appear In CEH Exam Without Any Experience

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January 1, 2016

I would like t appear in CEH exam but one of EC-Council assistant told me that you need two years experience to appear in exam..? need help I'm a little unclear as to what you're asking. You're saying appear in you mean take the exam? I assume you mean how can you do the exam directly without doing their training course. I have already contacted EC Council and this is their answer Thank you for your inquiry regarding the CEH training program. It is mandatory to have 2 years of information security experience, if you want to give exam directly. For this process you have to fill eligibility application form and pay verification fees of US $ 100 and if you are found eligible then you can buy exam voucher from us for US $ 500 . Hence total you pay US $ 600. Otherwise we highly suggest to please opt for ilearn package. Let me know if this option fits you or below mentioned ilearn package option suits you. Exam will be held online through our ECC exam portal. There are two things that pick my attention here 1 - Is the exam online? I thought it was presential 2 - No mention to which exam it is. They say it is a unique exam, but no clarification whether if it is V8 or V9 Anybody could help? Thanks I am saying that I want to take exam of CEH and I asked EC-Council for that, they said you must have two years experience as a IT security Analyst or something familiar, in other words they need two years job experience in the same field which I don't have.. And then I asked him to send me eligible form, in which they also need job experiece,, so?? If you dont have that experience, you need to do a training course with them So, ask I understand this scenario, you want to sit for the exam without meeting the criteria for said exam... hmm, how does that work? If you are really interested in sitting for the exam, follow their guidelines. After this is accomplished, go sit the exam. I see things like this everyday "Why do I have to spend the money for the training to take the exam and not just pay to take it.". It's to reduce the amount of people who don't deserve the certification from getting it. It is a lot of money and time. But assuming your going for the exam, it's also a passion (at least it is for me) which in the end pays off way more than the classes and fees they have. As for the 2 years of Security experience to bypass the training. The people who have experience in the area may just need something to add to a resume that there employer is requiring so assuming they have the 2 years experience in the field just allowing them to take the exam would be completely logical. One of the wonders of capitalism.. If you do not have the 2 yrs experience, you can buy their CEHv9 package and then take the exam. There is no online exam via EC-Council, you go to Vue or Pearson to take the test in person. However I do remember having to login after I took their and attest that I had completed it. then I was able to enter my exam code and actually schedule the exam. In others words, if you pay for their course, you can then take the exam without 2 yrs of experience. Basically, they value their training is the equivalent of 2 yrs of work in the info sec field. This is from memory going back to Nov 2013 when I researched all of this. I hope it is helpful. I can feel your pain. There are so many good and talented people here, willing to study and keen to learn from those who are more experienced. However, when it comes to certifications (in order to land a job), there are so many unnecessary barriers. On the one hand there is such a demand for IT Security Professionals, but on the other hand the corporate world expects one to jump through loops, having this certification and that certification, just to be found worthy by some recruiter. What about experience and talent? Why must examination fees be so high? Isn't $100 enough? What about all of us who are not so fortunate to be able to afford those high fees? Why not giving everybody a fair chance to at least prove themselves? Just my 2 cents anyway.... Thank you all for your time and comments, really appreciated..:).. And "blkhathacker" I must have to practice there labs and videos for a year, or I can take exam at any time?
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