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January 1, 2016

So, Im new to Cybrary, but i'm not new to business and I'm just not sure how this all works. How can Cybrary provide free training where CISCO and other training sites charge for it? How does Cybrary profit? Is there a charge later like for the certificate or how does it work? Please Advise? No, cybrary doesn't charge for anything at all, it provide free study material and knowledge for various exams. No there is no hidden charge or anything at all, it make money via ads or cybytes purchase (which is optional for buy and support cybrary). If you need more specifics, please contact cybrary support. @ForrestGraves, yes @thelalitrawat is 100% correct. All of our training is completely free, and you won't find any hidden charges. While we do appreciate your support through the purchase of Cybytes, and inviting your friends and colleagues to join, it is completely optional. Ads and an absolutely amazingly engaged userbase help us to continue to grow. And, if it still seems to good to be true, or you are simply interested in learning more about Cybrary, and our mission, from someone on the team please don't hesitate to reach out :)
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