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Hot/Direct Linking Your DropBox Files

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January 1, 2016

So, today I uploaded some stuff to drop box but I needed a direct link. Now even though it gives you a link to share even if they're not on dropbox, it doesn't go directly to your file. I needed it, so I decided to run burp and watch some of the raw traffic, along with a little guess work and I figured it out... here is how you do it. I just uploaded a publicly shared file, which is:\_AI\_maker\_Secure\ Now there are two ways to get a true hot link, one of which is to simply remove the 0 to 1 meaning true, resulting in:\_AI\_maker\_Secure\ And the other, to get it's true location is to go to the host it reffers from and paste the rest of the link in (had to guess this)\_AI\_maker\_Secure\ And there you have it, may be useful for some!
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