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[HELP]How To Use Exploit

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January 1, 2016

I downloaded an exploit --> .It gives me a file 34862.rb and I copied it on /root/Desktop .I run msfconsole and run the command ```use /root/Desktop/34862.rb``` but it gives me error ' Failed to load module : /root/Desktop/34862.rb ' ..I'm new to metasploit .. please help me (: Hello whitehatwizard, First, you don't need to set Metasploit exploits manually ! Just use **msfupdate** and it will download any new exploits for you and the you can use the search command on MSF (to search for the desired module/exploit) :) Second, and if you want to get deegy, you must put your downloaded exploit under ~/.msf4/modules/exploit/ and which is in your case "remote" since the exploit is under "remote" cathegory And for more detailed informations, try this link : nice info!! ? you can help me , my problem is the next : when i want exploit the server i have this sentence ```[*] Started reverse TCP handler on [*] - Command Stager progress - 66.71% done (499/748 bytes) [*] - Command Stager progress - 100.67% done (753/748 bytes) [*] Exploit completed, but no session was created.``` can you help me i don't know where is the mistake
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