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Hacking Hobby Or Skill?

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January 1, 2016

I am not in an IT career, I work from home doing medical coding. What lead me here was the show Mr. Robot, and reading the Kevin Mitnick books. I was looking around, found Cybrary, found this course, and also found social engineering. I also found the compTIA+, which I added to my courses. But I'm learning alot. I'll never hack businesses cause I don't want to get in trouble, and I like my nurses license. Don't want to chance anything happening...but, I also like that I can learn about people discretely. And I can see where hacking could be a hobby. does anyone just learn these skills for fun, or to know how to hacking is done? On Social Engineering also, it could be used in so many situations, I'll be glad to know how people use the skills. I work as a forex trader, but I used to be in that scene and have a few friends still deep in it, but I totally stopped doing stupid ish when a good friend got three years under the Computer Misuse Act/Section 2 and I have a few friends that have pentesting jobs so it's fun to mess around and stuff, but as long as you keep it legal and above board. I make a lot more money now as a forex trader than trying to get an IT job or BH work so I just learn for fun. That's really interesting. I'm constantly tested over network security, with my job as a medical coder working from home. But I'm going to use social engineering for other things.
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