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Get IP For A Website URL

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January 1, 2016

Most of the examples on Cybrary include targeting a specific IP address. I know that to get an IP from a URL we use >nslookup command. So, typing the IP in the browser should redirect to the same web page. But this is not the case with me. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? NOTE: The following IPs work when typed in browser others I tested do not! ---> ---> Hello ! Using nslookup in Windows or Linux must give you the proper IP address of the remote host. I tested the IP addresses attached to your post and I can assure you they are working fine ! ;) In some cases you cannot reach the website (via IP) due to certificate issues but most of the cases they are reliable. Just type the IP in the URL field and wait for the webhost's answer. Greets, @danesz012 H!! You can also use "ping" command to get the ip :) Thanks for the info ping "the address of the site" and ENTER will return the ip address of the site Thanks for solving the Confusion! Thanks One more-you can also go to :-[]( to get an IP Address of any Domain/Website. []( Yah as people mentioned above nslookup and ping is the easiest way to determine an IP of a website. IP address will take you to the home page if you want to go to a specific page you should specify the path like this. Just a reminder: with the onset of cloudfare and other similar providers, pinging websites to get real ip is no longer 100% accurate. while hardening web server, browse by IP feature is disable, so when typing the ip of the website in the browser it might not give you back the website in return. Also in the case of multiple hosting, you wont be able to get the website through ip browsing. similarly while web application is inside loadbalancer you might get different result. ping is easiest of all to use to find the ip of the website, nslookup is can be used in case of determining mail server, dns and other more accurately. good Although using the ping command is great, I suggest running an nslookup or host command on the website to find all the hosts.
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