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Georgia Weidman, Install SLMail 5.5

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January 1, 2016

Hi , my English knowledge is very poor.... so my question.. I will install SLMail 5.5 in my windows xp 64 bit ,the problem is that Microsoft Windows XP 64 Bit , have only service pack 2 , and because this problem , i can't install voll SLMail 5.5 , i can install it , but when come this step : Start > All ProgramsSL > Products > SLMail > SLMail Configuration , come nothing... . I thing the problem is because I have not service pack 3 , but there are not for windows xp 64 bit.... Can please anybody help me to solution this problem very thanks! I have to find the problem , with service pack3 have not to do.... , this problem is with x86 , because i have x64.The solution is [here]( , ,go to Control Panel , then search to the Folder , **View x86 Control Panel Icons** , click it , then click to SLmail icon and the SLmail configuration to become ... The course from Georgia Weidman is outdated and because of that is awful.I recommended you to skip that part and try to learn the basics from Penetration Testing. You can try to learn from CEHv9 which is updated and to improve your skills try virtual labs with vulnerabilities set on. Best Regards/כל טוב Raul Pop @ Raul Pop very thanks for your advice ! i am in page 100 , but i have a big problem ... i can't connect to other workstations ,I think i have not understand gut a thing very important..I muss have two computer or only one ??
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