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GCIH Certification

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January 1, 2016

Hello! Hopefully the correct forum here, but here goes: can anyone give any insight into the GCIH cert? Mainly in terms of (not to sound too mercenary) its value and/or "marketability" for lack of a better word? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...Bueller...Bueller?\_Certified\_Incident\_Handler\_(GCIH)/Salary I have a GCIH, so I'll weigh in. GIAC certs are generally well respected, but here is the thing: the tests are open book, and they map almost directly to the SANS training. You can take the GIAC exam and use whatever materials you have, but it's mostly an extra selling point for the SANS training. Having the GCIH means that you took SANS SEC504, paid relatively good attention, and aren't an idiot (I do know people who have failed GIAC exams, despite them being open book. I would not hire these people). If work will pay the $5400 for the class and cert, do it. You won't be disappointed. If you have the money to spend and do it on your own, go for it. You'll probably find that everyone else in class was sponsored by their employer though. You can therefor be pretty certain that anyone with a GIAC certification has, in addition to the SANS training, on the job experience. It's not the sort of cert where someone picks a book up at B&N, reads it over the weekend, and then answers multiple choice questions correctly, earning a certificate without any actual experience. In short: The work experience that provided the employer-paid training that lead to the cert probably has more to do with the marketability of someone with the cert than the cert itself. @badfilemagic: THANKS and apologies for the delayed reply! Thanks @c@martin! Mea culpa for the belated reply! Nice... The value is great as this domain has huge demand. @sdutta: Thanks! Still mostly locked down on other trainings (mostly work-related) but still in the running as a possibility. If you pay from your pocket, I'd say its not worth it as you can spend those money more appropriately. If paid by someone else then go for it, not everyone have it so it will make a difference. Corectly My company would reimburse me upon attaining a passing grade, but I still have to pay the exam fee(s) up front. Nice & very informative.. Interesting... Hello there, first at all thank you for your answers about this certification, they helped me a lot. My company pays me the certification exam but not the material/course. After having browsed courses in this page I have a question. Does CYB-Incident Response training (CYB-3004) prepare you for this certification? Thank you in advanced. I know this is a little late, but hopefully it helps. I feel that the real value of GIAC certs is the actual live training session you receive. In that one week you could probably learn a significant amount more than self-studying for months. They are definitely expensive, so try to get work to sponsor you. The SANS training is top-notch. Its intense and many are hands on. Unfortunately, its getting pretty pricey because they expect most people are getting their companies (or someone else) to pay for it. The certs are valuable, because the training is valuable. Several of the GIAC certs are DOD recognized (and expected) for certain positions. GSEC is a great security "basics" one. The GCIH is important as incident handling is important. There is really no other incident handler-specific cert out there other then EC-Councils, and that one is not respected. Great thread. Thanks for the info, everyone. SANSANS certifications are one of the respected certifications in cybersecurity. The only drawback is that they are too pricey so if your company is not willing to cover the fees then its very difficult for individual to. bear the exam cost on its own does their study material changes drastically over the years or can i use the previous years study material and not take the SANS SEC 504 course I really enjoyed. :D :D :D [แทงบอลโลก](แทงบอลโลก) : po
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