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Free Resources (book) For ITIL

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January 1, 2016

HI, can any one help with free books for study purpose for ITIL Foundation and related courses? Hey Catlover, I don't know much free material, but I can recommend some books that will help for sure. Is that okay? Sincerely, C yes, I would appreciate that. Thank you. Catlover, Go to the course (, and looking on the right side of the page. You will see a list of recommending study material. I hope this helps! Sincerely, C None of the white papers are available. I clicked on the links and unfortunately, it stated they're unavailable. Also, Catlover asked for FREE resources. The ones mentioned are sold (meaning, NOT free!) on Amazon. No white papers are available anymore, so please take those links down. I found a couple of relevant playlists on Youtube. try searching for ITIL Foundation. There was one with a guy that never blinked and moved his hands way too much. Once I got past the distraction, it was very informative. As for reading materials, they are oddly hard to come by in the 2011 iteration, there are some for the v3. Not a lot of difference, but maybe enough to falter on the pass/fail line. The ones on the site are not free. As I was directed to amazon. yes please suggest yes me too I was reading another site and fount that some newer whitepapers are offered. They are sponsored, but free. There are a lot of video's on utube based on Remedy 8.x or 7.x,\_7oGx\_t9FY, i know it's the tool and not exactly the underlying process but they are a good example of ITIL workflows and implementation. Hope this helps. I looked at prices on study guides, and the links on are probably worth the money. If you want to pass the tests, I suggest you invest in those materials. Quite frankly, I have seen people spend more money than that, on some of those books, on a meal at Mc Donalds. Education, is more valuable then cheese dogs, and cheese burgers, any day. I personally, choose real qualified books, with licenses, over what is floating around in cyberspace. Hi, I think that with the google key words 'itil foundation v3 pdf' you'll find your needs Have a nice day Most useful reply. \*thumbs-up! yeah need some materials Pls I need pdfs For what it's worth, the best PDF resources I found were at: > free-itil-resources \*\*and especially the taruu study guide, at >~ free-itil good material any one has more on it i need professional material like to implement in big organization. Hi, i recommend ITIL foundation Exam Study Guide by Liz Gallacher and Helen Morris, This is best book to prepare ITIL Foundation Exam, I also use this book to prepare ITIL exam, You can found a pdf book on google or you can buy form amazon. You can have free exam practice sample questions there : very useful... I recommend Claire Agutter's book - Itil Foundation Essentials: The Exam Facts You Need It's really cheap and focuses on exactly what you need to pass the exam - not just a fancy title :-D I've just passed the exam and this book really helped. As someone else mentioned, has a really good practice exam. I found that to be the closest feel to the actual exam. ? The best resources for passing the ITIL v3 exam can be the following for someone not looking to take training: Or you can take help from - ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide Book by Helen Morris and Liz Gallacher - ITIL Foundation All-in-One Exam Guide Book by James B. Davies - Free [ITIL Ebook by Mercury Solutions Limited]( All the best!! Ok I would love to suggest you that few name of ITIL certification books :- ITIL For Beginners: The Complete Beginner's Guide To ITIL Itil Foundation Exam Study Guide ITIL 2011 IT Service Management: A guide for ITIL Foundation Exam candidates For more details Please check the below links :- Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing
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