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January 1, 2016

Hi, In this link you must download free many [programming books]( Thanks it's very useful. good share. Thanks for the share. Great information. Coooool Great share it is great that there is so much free educational resources and freedom for everyone to explore programming without it we would not have what we have today yeah some good but some great code being cut to get us all ahead of the game. I checked out your link. The list was a really extensive. I really appreciate it. Outstanding. Thank you! Hi, In this link you must download free many [programming books]( Wow, many thanks. you rock thanks a lot Great!! Thanks! nice post thank you i bookmark it Thanks for sharing! Great link. I guess whoever put together this list doesn't like Python! Oops! Found it! List isn't strictly in alphabetical order! Thanks. thks Very interesting ,it's useful for me i have found good link and pdf . nice one, Thanks, could always use a good reference list Python is also known for rapid development, for example a simple tcp Client which you write in about 1 Minute you Need one or two weeks in C. So the big Advantage is that you are much faster with developing, which is very important in Information security, because things Change so fast. Another Advantage are the modules, Python offers modules for almost everything unlike in C for example.Sry wrong topic thanks for sharing, really need it. +1 wow! Thanks my friend! Thank you! Thank You :D :D Awesome page, many many thanks! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the share. thanks thank you Check for the book: Violent Python - A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers Thanks!! cheers! thanks Thanks, great resource!!! Thanks for these links youpi Great link This is a fantastic reference list! Thank you for spreading this! Never seen a more resourceful link for programming materials. Thanks for sharing! That's a pretty dope list! cool Great! Thanks buddy... Free pdf book for developper Python for Security Professionals Course
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