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Fee For Certificate

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January 1, 2016

How much should i want to pay for the certificate? I wouldnt pay more than 25 cybytes :d my question is>> is there anyone who is a a hacker for real from the tutorials? the minimum "price" for certificates of completion is 25 cybytes; however, you can choose to pay any amount above that if you want. -guyana estevez- YES >dx5py>>You are ? You can earn Cybytes from completing the tasks listed [HERE]( I quickly earned 41 cybytes since I started here. I work as a professional Penetration Tester, and so yes, there are real 'hackers' on this site brushing up on skills or learning new ones. I am personally using this site to study up for my Exam but I already currently work in the field. Some users already have many certifications and they can go through the course work here and use the certificates to satisfy their Continuing Education requirements for the certifications they have. Also, if you like the site and want to contribute money to help keep the good work going, buy some cybytes and donate them or buy your badges and Certs. Hope this helps answer your question. you can choose any option like actual payment or the cybytes. good The price for intro to infosec is 50 cybytes Anyone know the price for advanced security penetration testing cert? it is a good website to learn fundamental stuff Furthermore it is free On top of it you get free cert
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